Saturday, 15 January 2011

In the park.

the roof
sanshin player
in the park
bonsai for sale
"You don't have trees in Japan, do you?" It was a question asked by my friend from school when I was living in Darwin Australia, this was back in the 90s by the way. She looked all very serious, and she even looked sorry for me that in my country I can't see trees. I was very confused, but I remembered that my Japanese friend who was in Darwin with me at the time (but at a different high school as an exchange student) had been sympathised by her class mate that she had to buy all the "western clothes" to be away from Japan because he believed we all wore kimono in Japan (or that there were still samurai everywhere). So I asked my friend with the tree question why she said that, and this was what she said. "All the Japanese tourists were taking photos of trees!" I thought what? but maybe those tropical trees in Darwin were unique to Japanese. But now I realise that I take photos of trees a lot, and maybe that is one of the habits of Japanese? I just remembered my friend's question after many many years tonight looking at these photos.


  1. what a cute story, perfect with those tiny trees. :)

  2. Trees are beautiful, and I love taking pictures of them! I think this is a funny story... that they'd think that japan has no trees or that everyone in Japan wears kimonos all the time.

  3. That is hilarious! sweet photos.

  4. i love love all those potted plants/trees!! :::

  5. I love those bonsai trees! I have some in my house.

  6. That's funny. I take pictures of trees no matter where I am

  7. There are few things more reassuring than a good tree.

  8. D'aww, how adorable :)) I also take lots of pictures of trees... and skies/clouds!

  9. When you are a foreign in every country you always get those type of question. It's a fun story though, and I agree with you trees are really nice to photograph

  10. I randomly came across your blog and I'm glad I did! I love your photos and it reminds me of the time when I used to live in Tokyo. Btw, my favorite place to take tree pictures was Shinjuku-Gyoen ;)

  11. Ms.P, Abby, Shinya, Marinka,
    it is a cute story isn't it, at the time i thought unbelievable, but japan was indeed a far away mystery land for a teenage girl when internet was still not so big! ;)

    Lavender Playground, Stephen, C.,
    Good to know that you also like taking photos of trees like myself! ;)

    tifanie, The Goads,
    Bonsai trees are difficult to look after, but it's wonderful just to look at them! I love them when there are many of them together ;)

    Thank you! I'm glad you reached my blog :)
    I haven't been yet but I'd love to go and take photos in Shinjuku-Gyoen in the sakura season!

  12. people still ask us silly questions all the time about Hawaii! like... "are you hawaiian?...can you dance the hula? you live in grass shacks?" hahahah its ridiculous!

  13. oh my those little bonsai's are delightful.

  14. Hi Hiki! I live in Australia (in Perth) and I noticed when we had some Japanese friends visit us that they were amazed by how HUGE all the trees here were, so maybe that has something to do with it! But also I think Japanese people tend to have a real love of all nature, or so I've found. Oh, and when Australians go overseas we get asked if we have pet kangaroos :)

  15. Hi Anna,
    that might be true that japanese people tend to have a real love of all nature because we don't get to see the real nature so much living in Tokyo! yes koalas and kangaroos are what many japanese people think of when they think of australia! :)


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