little autumn

It's been so winter-like the last couple of days in Tokyo, it's freezing. Well I guess compared to other parts of the world this is not that cold yet, but it is for me already! I've got too much work at the moment so I might absent from here for a while but I will try to come back when I get a moment.
Hope you are enjoying the week everyone!
Stay warm ;)


P.S. Do check out MR KITLY, an awesome looking Japanese style shop which Bree from ii-ne-kore is about to open in Melbourne!!


  1. Nice collection of photos, "green" come in a lot of different shades and forms!

    PS: Cool to be commenting on a blog post from the future, it is still Thursday 18th in Europe. :-)

  2. These are wonderful shots. I especially love the 2nd one with the yellow and green plant in the bowl. I hope you are staying warm!

  3. Beautiful greenery and arrangements.
    And thank you so much hiki for the lovely shout out, waiting to see you again in Melbourne sometime:)

  4. I wish I could see Tokyo under the snow... good luck for your work.

  5. hello hiki,

    you've made some lovely pictures again.

  6. lovely photographs, hiki! please send some chilly weather my way - it was 39 degrees here yesterday.

  7. Beautiful green and beautiful photos.

  8. These are such a wonderful pictures.

  9. Hi! I've just found your blog. I'll be reading it from now. I like 2nd and 5th photos the most.

    I don't like cold too, but in my country rain and cold winds start in October. I wish I could end making my scarf before strong winter ;)

    Sorry for mistakes, but I'm not very good in English ;)

  10. signsapplied,
    thank you, yes i love the different shades of greens found in the nature world, pretty isn't it!
    and yes, we are 7-9 hours ahead of your time in Europe ;)

    i love that bowl in the second picture too, it was found at the front of a shop i thought was nice and welcoming. hope you are staying warm too!!

    i really can't wait to actually go and visit your beautiful new shop! (though i have no idea when that will be) best of luck to you!

    thank you! tokyo under the snow does look quite pretty, looks totally different as you can probably imagine!

    thank you that is a really sweet comment! but i feel exactly the same about yours! ;)

    wow 39 degrees! i might prefer being cold than being hot like that.... hehee, well stay cool!!

    Koey and Hermine,
    thank you so much, i'm happy you like these!!

    so happy you found my blog and like it! thank you for leaving a comment :) good luck with your scarf, hope you can start wearing it soon to make you stay warm!!

  11. wonderful photographs! and I'm so jealous of your cold weather, it's too hot for me in Australia!

  12. Hi, I just discovered your blog and I like your photos. And here (Germany) its also cold but grey, grey and grey again....Argh. So I would prefer to spend time in Tokia with some sunlight! Have a nice week. Barbara

  13. oooh i would love to feel a tokyo winter! dress all nice and warm :-)
    those pictures are nice! i love those store signs! how cool.

  14. Your pictures always amazes me ^^ I love to stop by your blog

  15. tokyo looks awesome in that cold colors

  16. lovely as always. love the first two photos particularly.

  17. yay yay~~ go melbourne~~♡

  18. hi hiki, it's been a while since I've been reading your blog (and others as well).(just wrote a comment on your wedding post)
    Like the feeling of the pictures a lot, see you back soon, good luck with all your work

  19. I have just found your blog and I like it. Your photos are great.


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)