feet on the line
WHAT MADE ME SMILE TODAY - Finding these four photographs connected with the theme "lines and boxes" from the roll of film I just had developed.

AND ALSO TODAY - New issues of come home! and ku:nel magazines were released! ku:nel vol.44 is a very special KYOTO ISSUE, I had to think that this issue was made for me because I am going there next week!!!!!

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  1. You photograph on film? No wonder your photos have a slightly different feeling to them. Love the first picture.

  2. waa, suteki ne! Hiki-san you must be very skilled at photography, to have such beautiful film photos. (I thought everyone was using digital) It's very nice to see the traditional photography. :) If you wouldn't mind me asking, what kind of fill do you use?

  3. i love the last 2 pictures, beautiful (as always).

    : )

  4. yay ! i lovelovelove kyoto ! gonna have to get this ku:nel at the shop !

    and and,,,
    have a happy happy safe kyoto trip fulled of fun and yummy food and photo takings !


  5. great photos, love that last one with the foot and the (skinny) dog.
    next week you are going to kyoto!? iina~ i love kyoto! i lived in arashiyama for one year and would love to go back and re-live my time there.
    have a great trip (i'm sure you will!)

  6. Love your photographs and keep admiring your sense of aesthetics. So clam and beautiful.
    I just re-blogged those here.
    Please come by to visit and hope you'd like the mention!!

    Enjoy your trip to Kyoto!!

  7. I love the third photograph! :)

  8. I feel like I'm walking there as well... Thank you so much for the happy stroll, this is very blissful.

  9. Lovely shots! The 'lines and boxes' theme links them, but aside from that they are vividly and interestingly distinct.

  10. oh the third one is just great...i love its blurry-ness

  11. Lavender Playground - thank you and yes these are on film taken with a very old camera. they give nice feels to the photos :)

    Rina - arigatou! but i'm not skilled at all, only experimenting with my camera. and the film i used is just a normal fuji film (ISO400) dayo!

    Sun - thank you!! the last one is my favourite shot :)

    o l y - how are you dear? yes i'm off to kyoto finally! it will be a super quick trip but i'm so looking forward to it!!!

    sekimachihato - you are so lucky to have lived in kyoto for one year! i wish i could live there too...

    Galit - oh how wonderful of you to mention about my blog!!!! thank you so much!!!!!

    Soshi - arigato! many people like the third photo and i'm so happy :)

    lilie-melo - that is such a wonderful comment - thank you! it made me so happy.

    Danya Ristić - thank you , I'm happy that you like them!!!

    schorlemädchen - arigato again! many people like the third photo and i'm so happy :)

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your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)