ginza on the weekendThese are just some random shots I put together from recent rolls. That house in the third shot was so interesting when I rode past it on my bike I had to go back to get the shot. The most unique potted garden spotted in Tokyo! I wonder what people who live here are like. :)

Something from previous weeks I meant to mention and never got to:
●Received a lovely necklace I won (!) for a giveaway at gemmifer. The exact one that I got is not listed at the moment, but you can see her beautiful works here.
●Went to see Lucie Rie: A Retrospective at the National Art Centre Tokyo.
Another post from here made me smile :)


  1. Nice! My cousin is going to Japan next week. I'm so jealous!

  2. I'm so glad that you like the necklace, Hiki! Thank you for mentioning me here... I am working on several new necklaces in new color combinations and should have them in the shop next week at the latest (I am a very slow starter!)

  3. my dream it is to come to Tokio!!!!! I remind myself everyday that next year.

  4. i like your shots because they are of locations i would probably not take a shot of.
    that first photo looks like a bakery!
    mmm, i love japanese pan!

  5. Jen - Lucky your cousin! I hope it will be your turn next ;) And I really hope your brother-in-low will be okay in Italy!!!

    Jennifer - thanks to YOU!!

    diariodeunacouturier - i hope your dream will come true! ;)

    sekimachihato - i'm glad you like seeing these. that shop in the first photo is not a bakery but they sell european tableware! but yes i love japanese pan too, we get really good ones here :)

  6. sometimes the most random things/places are the most beautiful. gorgeous shots. thanks for sharing :-D

  7. love love love!
    random japan shots are my favourite!!

  8. oooh, i hope lucie rie exhibition was very wonderful? ii ne! and beautifully atmospheric random tokyo:)

  9. Luuworld - thank you! i thought it might be too random and wouldn't work but i'm so glad you like these.

    Aron - hehe arigato! i like your profile pic - so cute!

    Bree, yeeees lucie rie exhibition was fantastic! they had over 250 pieces showing and oh how i wished to own one or two of them!!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)