Unexpected things always happen to you doesn't it. Unexpected happiness makes you smile big but what happened to me this time didn't and rather it did me cry.

Before I tell you this, I want to say that I am okay now so there is no need to worry. But...... how could I expect to fall off my bike and break a front tooth!? Yes it did happen and it was awful. I had a big bag full of packages carrying on my shoulder while riding my bike (yes that new bike i've been showing/telling off, no not the one you see in the above picture) to go to the post office, and somehow the bag got stuck in the middle of the handle and the front tube and I fell. Hit my chin and knee really hard and obviously the tooth hit the concrete ground. Luckily I picked up the piece of broken tooth and went (almost) straight to the dentist so it could be glued together and it's looking okay now. My palms are wounded and I have bruises here and there and it hurts but I must say I was lucky that even though my tooth is broken, I have no obvious scars on my face so I will not need to worry about being in the photos during my Okinawa trip coming up next weekend thank goodness!!

So, this is going to be remembered/talked/laughed about forever and even I can laugh about it already so that means I'm really fine! Just hoping the pain will go away soon.

I just cannot help mentioning, but when I posted about this happening on facebook/twitter I got a sudden call from someone who just saw my tweet and guess who!? It was Ebony calling from Sydney!!!!! How sweet is that of her to call me on my mobile to see if I was okay!? Seriously she's the sweetest person in the world I was so touched! Many many good things will happen to her for being such a lovely girl I'm sure :) ありがとうエボちゃん!!!!!

Well, I was planning to go see my favourite sakura in Nakameguro but I couldn't make it, so these photos are from earlier this week and will be the last shots of sakura you will see here this spring. Take a look at these beautiful shots of Nakameguro by Narumi who is visiting Tokyo from France right now, her other shots of Tokyo are really amazing too!

Have a wonderful (and safe) weekend to you all!!!! Good night, oyasumi!


  1. Oh sweet Hiki! So sorry to hear that happened to you but really glad to hear you are already able to laugh about it - that's a really good sign!
    Wish you a sweet and relaxing weekend!
    xo Ulrika

  2. Holal, you were lucky to break you nothing of the other one ! It shall have been able to be much graver ! I'm always afraid of falls with bike, and often they are caused by very stupid things...Good weekend...

  3. Uhhh!!! Sad. : (
    But little shit happens to avoid big shits : )
    Sumimasen, my english is very poor : )

  4. So sorry to hear about your accident Hiki-san!!!!! Falling off your bike is a frightening experience. I've fallen off mine only twice (both times in Kyoto) and it wasn't pleasant. Rest up and take care, ok?

    O daiji ni!!!!

  5. oh that is awful hiki!
    I'm so glad you're ok, hope you feel better real soon xx

  6. Oh no Hiki! That must have been so frightening! I am very relieved to know that you are alright and that your tooth could be repaired. I hope your pain goes away very soon!

  7. ouch! i hope you are getting better!
    on a side note, i think sakura in japan is one of a kind... even i saw them in vancouver, in london, in china, they all felt different! cheers

  8. wow wow wow!
    so many sakura petals everywhere!
    its like the stars fell from heaven :-)

  9. i l o v e your blooms. there's one outside my window, as i'm writing. it's losing its petals already... oh, it is fugitive...

  10. scary story combined with the softest pictures :)

  11. i'm so sorry to hear you fell, hiki! really hope you are not in pain any longer. take care and enjoy your time in okinawa - you deserve some extra special holiday now to be sure!

    p.s.: such beautiful sakura pictures. really love the one with you looking down - how lucky the petals had fallen onto that black tarmac, what a wonderful contrast. - i will also be posting some sakura photos on my blog soon.

  12. oh hiki! a broken tooth must hurt like hell! I'm happy to hear that you are taking this with such a positive spirit. An unforgettable memory indeed...

    Hope all your bruises and tooth will heal really soon.

  13. I'm glad to hear you're ok now, it must be so painful, when you hit the concrete on your mounth. Did your dentist make a photo from the tooth? because the root can be damaged too, i hope not.
    Can't get enough from these blossom pictures :-),
    is it snow in the first picture or is the ground covered with leaves?
    happy weekend Hiki:)

  14. So glad to know you are better now!
    Al always: lovely, lovely, lovely photos!

  15. oh gosh sounds so scary. brave you.
    great you found a dentist straight away!

  16. I'm sorry about your accident. That was scary! But I'm glad you're recovering well.
    Your sakura pictures are amazing. It almost seems like it's from an imaginary place. So surreal!

  17. hiki hiki,
    i'm so so so happy that you're feeling all much better now, and as a very experienced of having kinda-bad-luck things person as i am, let me tell ya, good things will happen, soooooon !

    the best part is that you can laugh about it and it's no longer a bad memory anymore ! good for you, girl !

    have a nicenicenice sunday !


  18. Hi Hiki,

    So sorry to hear about your accident!!! Ah! If it makes you feel better, my fiance and I both have had bad front tooth accidents too! I guess these things happen... it's always scary when it does though. I admire your positive outlook on it all. It will only help you heal faster! Get some rest--and I'm glad you're alright! :)

  19. oh my! i'm so happy you're ok. take it easy!

  20. i'm glad your tooth could get glued back together as i'm not sure the tooth fairy visits adults!
    (i'm not into throwing my teeth over the roof ww)

  21. dear hiki..i am glad you are better...almost the same thing happened to me a couple of years ago when I came back from getting groceries and somehow came with the wheels of my bike into the tracks of the streetcar in toronto..and the streetcar was suddenly right behind me I got stressed..and was very close to fall too..well I survived...: ) i hope your bruises and shock will both be gone soon..
    liked your images...they are beautiful...have a great start into the week..maria

  22. oh ouch! I didn't know they could stick teeth back together! I think the worst thing about falling is when strangers ask if you are ok - perhaps that's just the British sensibility??

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  23. イタタタ、お大事にして下さいね。

  24. Oh no, how traumatic! So glad you are better now. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos, I can't get enough of the cherry blossoms.

  25. oh, that sounds like an awful crash and shock, how terrible! - i am so glad you are recovering and i hope you enjoy okinawa very much.

  26. oh dear,
    it must have been my package too :(
    i´m so sorry.
    hope you are well!!!!!

    this sakura is so amazing
    thank you for sharing!
    thank you very much!

  27. oh poor you hiki, I'm glad you're fine now.

  28. oh no! so sorry to hear that, but glad that you are ok now!

  29. take good care,Odaiji ni
    your picture is really beautiful :)

  30. Oh these are beautiful photos :)
    I stepped by your fab blog from Hong Kong

  31. Oh dear! One unlucky thing, but one good thing will follow. Good luck!

  32. Dear Hiki,

    I was in Paris, no time to check anything... I come back here and read that.
    Oh my !!!!!!!
    Glad to know you're ok.
    bisous !

  33. oucheee! good to know you are ok and you didn't lose a tooth. whew. take care!

  34. Your Sakura photos are just stunning, and I'm so sorry to hear (belatedly) of your accident. Glad to know you're OK now, but frightening, I'm sure!

  35. i hope you are feeling much better now. these photos are so beautiful. one day i hope to visit Japan in the spring time.


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