Thank you so so so much for your kindest comments and emails (and a phone call!!) about my scary accident last week! I once again realised that I am really fortunate to have such sweet people around me on and offline. I still need to keep going back to the dentist to see how my broken-and-now-being-glued-together tooth will go for the next few months, but there seems to be a hope that I can keep this tooth so that's good. My bruised knee is also so much better and now I can walk around and climb up/down the stairs almost all smoothly so I'm all genki now thanks to you :) おかげさまで元気になりました!

After the "tooth break", now it's time for a break from work and I'm off to Okinawa! Lots of nice food, the sun and the great nature should heal me completely! I will be back with lots of photos to share next week. Have a jolliest weekend to you all!!!!



  1. Yay! Have fun and I am glad you are feeling better! :)

  2. I didn't know you had an accident. I have been missing in action at your blog for some time now, since this baby is keeping me on my toes lately. She's 3 weeks old now, so I have more "leisure" time on my hand. Ha ha. Glad to know you're all better!

  3. Oh so cute coffee. Is that a bear at the left?
    Have a fun holiday

  4. enjoy!

    (so looking forward to your okinawa photos! :))

  5. hiki hiki,,

    have a safe trip with lots lots of fun and food and and photo takings !


  6. oh my gosh, im soo sorry! i just read about your tooth now!
    how horrible hikisan! im so glad you are okay and that they could fix your tooth! i always have scary dreams that my adult teeth fall out and i can not replace them :-(
    have fun and SAFE trip in okinawa!!! いたらしゃい!またあとでね!

  7. enjoy okinawa (i know i don't need to tell you!)
    i've always wanted to visit okinawa so looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.
    i could so do with some goya chanpuru & awamori now! (maybe a bit early for the awamori!!)

  8. oh, hiki! i've been snowed under with work so I only just read about your accident. you poor thing :( glad to read that you are on the mend, make sure you take good care of yourself x

  9. Oh, bon rétablissement ! Take care... and have a fun trip in Okinawa !

  10. Glad you are okay! Enjoy Okinawa.

  11. oh dear hiki! i missed the last post so i'm just now reading about your accident. i hope you are on the mend and safe travels to okinawa!

  12. I have discovered your blog today and it is so painful to read about your accident as a first article. I hope you are good!

    (i wanted to know what kind of camera are you using, i love the photos u take!)

    take care!

  13. hi Hiki. I just received the tablecloth I won on the Fine Little Day giveaway. Thank you so much!
    I've been taking a tour of your store and I just can't make up my mind. Will go back soon. And I will blog about my prize soon too.

    Sorry to hear about your accident but happy to see you feel better. Have a nice trip!

  14. Hello and thank you everyone! I'm back safely all very well charged and happy :)

    Opy - thank you!! yes i'm all good now!!

    jen - I'm almost forgetting that I had an accident myself, and that's how much better I am now :) I read your tweet when you were going to the hospital but I somehow missed your news of the baby's arrival too! Congratulations!! I will be checking your cute photos of the baby girl ;)

    Jujube - That one looks like a little boy inside a stuffed bear? It was really cute ;)

    kristina - thank you!! I will start sharing the photos very soon!!

    oly - arigato lovely oly! i did have a lot of fun, in Okinawa there were some things that reminded me of Taiwan.

    Aron - haha that was pretty silly of me to fall off really, but もうだいじょうぶ。ありがとう!

    sekimachihato - I had some great goya-chanpuru and a very rare exclusive awamori! (though I don't really understand... I was given a free glass of it that would be like 40,000 a bottle if found in tokyo!)

    danica - i am all very well now, i hope you are more relaxed and enjoying this week danica!

    Marie - thank you, i can't wait to start telling/showing my trip!

    Elissa - thank you, i did enjoy okinawa very much!!

    rhymeswithspoon - pretty silly i was to have such an accident but i'm all fine now and i had a fantastic holiday ;)

    prapaipim, サブ - thank you! i did have a great one!

    kheira - sorry you had to read such a painful post when you just found my blog! i promise there will be happier posts from now!!

    nathalie - i'm glad you got it safely! i hope you liked the cloth :)

  15. Welcome back! So sorry to hear about your accident, I hope it didn't give you any ongoing problems or pain.

  16. Happy to hear that you get to a small trip after such a bicycle trip!

    So pretty are your pictures here, enjoying them very much.

    Warm Thursday greetings.

  17. Don't worry. I love your blog and I 'm gonna visit regurlarly because of the quality of your photographs. What kind of camera are using?

    Have a good day!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)