yellow x green

February was definitely a month of yellow, but I thought it might be green for March seeing the photos from the couple of recent films developed. While we are waiting for the sakura (cherry blossoms) season, it snowed today. In Japan we say the spring comes after some repeats of "3 cold days after 4 warm days" (三寒四温), so we're now in the "3 cold days" period which means it should get warmer soon! Come spring, hurry!!!!!

P.S. Did you see this amazing photo combo???



  1. oh, the cherry blossoms! I can't wait to see them in your pictures, and hopefully one day in person.

  2. green. i love green.
    i wait for spring with such envy.

  3. I love this set of pictures especially the one with the peas.. Can't wait for the pink of the cherry blossoms !!

  4. christine,
    yes! here comes another cherry blossom season soon :) you just have to come and see them in person, the whole tokyo looks amazingly beautiful for the week!

    thank you! have a wonderful thursday to you!

    green - verd - midori, so fresh and lovely colour isn't it! spring is almost here!!

    The peas start to come out at this time of year and when they do it makes me realise that spring is almost here :)
    And you are coming to tokyo very soon too aren't you! how exciting!!

  5. there's no sign of spring in the uk yet.
    but the snow drops this year are incredible after all the snow.
    i'm looking forward to your cherry blossom shots too.. :)

  6. Gorgeous pictures, there's definitely a green theme going on! Happy early spring! ;)

  7. we dont peel the shell off those green peas. we eat the whole thing. haha just dip it in ranch dressing, hontou oichi! i like how crunchy it is!
    unless that is a different pea. haha

  8. lovely photos! i'm waiting for spring too but it seems so far away..

  9. hiki
    Good sunny day !
    Spring is just around the conrer.
    I can tell it just because of my pollen caused
    running nose.

    I find out you using global's knife.
    That is my favorite too :)

  10. gorgeous tones. london is still very cold too. hurry up spring!

  11. Mary, you are still in london? hope you are having a wonderful time! yes cherry blossoms, i really can't wait!

    Brit, we had a lovely warm day to start with but it turned to a cold windy day. but i hope this strong wind brings the real spring!! happy early spring to you too!!

    Aron, these peas are they sort you're suppose to peel the shell off. but yes the other type of pea which you eat as it is is so nice and crunchy i love it too :)

    dani, thank you! well if the spring is still far away, then you can look forward to it for longer and that can be nice too perhaps? or perhaps not...

    marika, oh you have a kafunsho? then spring would probably not be such a happy season for you poor thing! i hope it will not be so bad this year. and yes you spotted my knife, i bought a pair of those from global they are really good aren't they! I think you and I have a lot to talk about ;)

    Melanie, yes hurry up spring, to everywhere around the globe!! stay warm and have a lovely weekend!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)