tokyo sky
relaxingThis must be one of my favourite angles. I took the first one last week in Roppongi Hills, and it reminded me of the second photo I took ages ago in TATE Modern, London (sorry i only had it in small size), and then the third photo popped in to my head it's from the National Art Centre Tokyo from my first visit there when it first opened some years ago. I like it when they all connect.


  1. somehow it makes me smile.
    : )

  2. ah oui ! lovely. i used to do that too. i have to get back to that...

  3. that's why you should always check your hair at the back in the morning before leaving the house!

  4. the view from roppongi hills is always so wonderful! great shots!

  5. yes, it's an excellent angle to take photos from.
    those chairs are sooo comfy at tate modern.
    i WILL one day make it to National Art Centre in tokyo to sit in these chairs and look out of those amazing windows!

  6. Marie and sun., thank you, your comments make me smile too :)

    Marion, i would love to see your version of this angle photos ;)

    sekimachihato, yea true! haha!

    ara, this was taken on the 4th floor or 5th, it's much nicer from the observatory up on the 53rd but I somehow like seeing it from lower level :)

    Mary, I think you would love the National Art Centre Tokyo, it's a great architecture one of the last works of Kisho Kurokawa. I would love to take you on a mini tokyo architectual tour if you ever get here!

  7. it's definitely a great series! (sometimes there are themes emerging from my pics as well)
    I like it. I think it's cool.
    It males me think.


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