Another something yellow arrived this afternoon. Another yellow card, this time from Sally Scott. Is yellow the "it" colour now or is it just another happy coincidence? hmmmmmm, what's next now? ;)


  1. life can be full of beautiful coincidences !!!!
    have a lovely week end Hiki !

  2. yellow is my favorite color !

    happy weekend, dear hiki

  3. ahh! I missed your birthday! I am so sorry! happy belated birthday!

    maybe yellow is your colour of the month. it is such a happy colour!

  4. hej hiki,
    here´s ines from frauheuberg...once again...find you here again...and jump in it...a lovley a member until then...have a lovley week...and i love your flickr photos...

    cheers ines

  5. happy belated birthday hiki!! the shimashima pattern yellow card is my favorite.

  6. Marion. yes I think life is made of a bunch of so many coincidences! Have a lovely new week to you ;)

    oly, yellow is so lovely isn't it. so fresh and warm i love it too.

    Celine, thank you!!!! i love getting belated wishes :) Yellow definately is my February colour for no doubt ;)

    Hej Ines, thank you for finding me here!! You're so sweet. Have a wonderful week!

    marie, i'm thinking more yellow now! such a lovely colour isn't it!

    yu, thank you thank you! yep that shimashima yellow card is my favourite too :)

  7. I have not met you, but you may look good in lemon yellow, hiki.

    Happy birthday !

  8. Funny ! I also wanted to yellow this week...


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)