Thank you so much for your wonderful comments left on the previous post for my birthday!!!!

I want to send my big arigato to keetee, marie, Marie, mizu designs, shleepy, Piou, kristina, Marion, world of sekimachihato, Elisabelle, uglygirl, charlotte, pianobi, ai-san, Mary, Georgina, chrristine, Simone, Lovepics, Ulrika, Annemarie, at swim-two-birds, tifanie, tommy, El Víbora, Jennifer, Bree, Jeanne, Aron, Monique, alice, Galit, jokemijn and Alan!!

I am such a lucky girl to receive so many sweetest comments I am once again so delighted. Thank you heaps!!! I've been enjoying a wonderful week of celebration :)

And if you thought I sound Australian today, that is because I just spent a terrific afternoon with lovely Ebony from HelloSando who is now on HelloTokyo! She's such a charming and talented young lady and she also is a lot of fun to spend an afternoon with! hmmm was nice nice, only it was a little too cold an afternoon but it was fun :) arigato ebo-chan♪


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. Gidday, Howareya? Glad you had a special birthday, Hiki dear.

    Jeanne, the Aussie

  3. Arigato heaps -- what a cute phrase to use! Love it! Hope your birthday was filled with good stuff!

  4. that is SOOO GREAT you got to spend time together!!! how fun!!
    i can only imagine what her great australian accent sounds like. haha

  5. yay! thank you heaps again lovely ladies! :)
    and oh Aron, it was hontouni tanoshikatta yo--- with ebo chan. She actually didn't have such strong Aussie accent but she's just super cute you know. I wish all of my blog friends will come to tokyo all at once so we can all hung out together, wouldn't that be cool?

  6. i hope im not so late to say お誕生日おめでとうございます!

    i talked with miss hello sandwich on the phone, too while she was in tokyo and you are right! she is very very cute! her japanese is the cutest i've heard!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)