Just quickly sharing some images from the new issue of ku:nel which came out today!! The main copy of this issue is "Favourite Blankets", I LOVE BLANKETS! I've also just added it to my shop :)

The HOT PINK! masking tape is my new favourite now, too!
Hope you are enjoying the week!


  1. ah hiki! this is bad, I can't spend all my money on books, but this looks great!

  2. where would we be without blankets!?
    i wish i could support your shop and buy this new issues (of one of my favorite magazines!), but i have to hold back...
    it would become a habit hard to kick!

    +ps: my sister just told me she bought me a blanket from mexico! but i have to wait until april to get it...

  3. hiki hiki, the new shop logo is supa kawaii !!!!!!

    and, oh my, new ku:nel !!!!! my heart is gonna melt now !

    kon-ba-wa !

  4. marie, ha ha, yes i know! there are so many books i want to get now, it's totally endless!

    sekimachihato, i just got a beautiful blanket from sweden, but i'm so curious to find out what a blanket from mexico would be like!

    oly, hi!! thank you, that new logo is on a stamp ;)

  5. i'm curious to see what a swedish blanket looks like?!
    my sister plans to come and visit me in hong kong and said she will bring over the mexican blanket then.
    stay tuned to find out what it looks like (because i have no idea either!)

  6. thats such a cute topic: blankets! :-)

  7. seems like such a nice magazine!
    and what a great topic! who doesnt love blankets?!

  8. sekimachihato, you can see a part of it here: http://hibika.blogspot.com/2010/01/from-ulrika02-january.html

    Aron, isn't it a cute topic! i want to be a part of it really.

    mieke willems, yes again, it is a great topic isn't it! i love the mittons you have in your shop by the way!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)