Akemashite Omedeto (Happy New Year) everyone!!!! I hope you're all having a wonderful start to the new year as I am :)

The last couple of weeks of 2009 were just way too stressful for me. On new year's eve I rushed into Takashimaya (department store) to do my new year shopping, I was planning to get some Japanese sweets at Toraya as 2010 is the year of tiger, but as soon as I saw the big big queue I gave up (it was CRAZY!) and settled to Eitaro, another traditional Japanese confectionery. In the new year in Japan, we give "onenga" gifts as the new year greetings usually to parents or the ones we received special cares from - in my case, our landload who always give us fruit and vegetables they grow! Of course there is "otoshidama" too, which we give out to the little ones -pocket money slipped into little pochibukuro (paper envelopes). Being a child it was the best thing about the New Year, but not really as an adult :(

Anyway, when I finished my very last-minuite shopping, it was finally time to relax! We opened a bottle of champagne and had some beautiful sashimi :) And when the new year came, I just made a very shimple ozoni breakfast and then off to our parents homes for never-ending eating and drinking! That is the typical Japanese New Year :)

I also received such sweet "Dear Santa" letter from my friend's little girl from Australia. Yep I was the santa!

I wish you all a very happy 2010 and I really thank you for your wonderful support to this blog, your sweetest comments always make me happy :)

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  1. what beautiful traditions you have. i can totally relate to the holiday stress. it takes me a few days afterward to decompress! anyway, happy new year to you! i am always inspired coming here. thank you for creating this beautiful space. *

  2. I can't agree more.
    Your space made me comfort and relax
    thank you and happy new year.

  3. 明けましておめでとうございます!
    i see you are having the new year mikan too!
    hope 2010 is a great year for you!

  4. I like your traditions, it sounds so nice.
    Thank YOU hiki for all you share with us here!!

  5. The food pictures looks so yummy..Happy New Year to you !!

  6. tifanie, keetee,
    happy new year to you too! and thank you so much for such sweet comments, it means so much to me and keeps me motivated :)

    very very beautiful 2010 to you too!!!!!!

    yes all the new year mikans are gone now!
    i hope 2010 will be fabulous for you, with a new baby it will be so special ne?

    i didn't realise so much but we do have a lot of traditions here! thank YOU for sharing your photos too you know!

    Thank you! well but you make food look REALLY yummy with your camera! Happy New Year to you too!

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  8. Happy New Year to you! I hope that you have a good 2010.

    (Ps. I re-did this comment as I made a spelling mistake!)

  9. oh you make me dream of a japanese new year!!!i so want to go to japan again! anyway i wish a wonderful new year!!!!!2010!!!year of change and revolution! lotso of love & happiness & health & $$$$! i love reading about japanese traditions from u! here is very snowy again im off to Paris thursday for 3 weeks!
    take care
    gini famili!

  10. Hiki,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog...
    Have a very very very happy and beautiful 2010... I would love to come to Japan in 2010, it would be so amazing !
    Bisous ! ;-)

  11. Just discovered your blog and I am in love - I am fascinated with Japan and its culture. I am in Paris right now and there is a Toraya store; I should check it out!

  12. Such a lovely tradition! AND mmmmmmm the food! A happy New Year to you hiki! :)

  13. Akemashite Omedeto to you too Hiki! I love your blog and all the beautiful and interesting things you write about and photograph.

  14. alice,
    happy new year to you too! i hope your 2010 will be wonderful, and i will be looking forward to seeing lots more of your beautiful photos :)

    wow lucky you going to paris for 3 weeks!!! have a wonderful trip and come back with tons of photos ;)

    how wonderful will it be if you make it to japan this year! hope you will, and remember you have me for all the possible assistance i can give you!

    thank you for discovering my blog! i wonder what a Toraya cafe in paris would be like, very curious now!

    Yes we have so many traditions now i realise! the food was...not marvelous, but okay :) Happy New Year to you too Brit!

    Akemashite Omedeto! thank you for such a sweet comment! i will try to keep posting something meaningful ;)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)