Okay! The winners for Kami-Fusen/Paper balloon Giveaway has been decided. The 3 lucky winners are:

Hana (Temari Fun Set)
mieke willems (Star&Bell Set)
shleepy (Sakura Set)

Congratulations, I will contact the 3 winners soon! Sorry for those who didn't win this time, but thank you so much for your entering. I promise I will do another Giveaway in the near future.

p.s. it's japanese, but i used this for picking the winners.

p.p.s. shleepy, you don't have an email contact in your profile and your blog doesn't accept comments, so will you leave your email address for me please?


  1. number 9! wooo!
    haha aw sad i did not win, demo, omedetou to the winners!!

  2. Ah!
    ほんと? arigato <( ̄○ ̄)>
    gomenasaii, Hiki-san! I'll fix that right away.
    my e-mail is melky.ouais@ymail.com

    thanks again!

  3. owwww so close but so far away! omedetou to the winners.

  4. waaaaaaaawwwww!!! we're very happy! first give-away win ever!!! and it feels perfect!!!

  5. Yatta! I never win, so this is great!!! I am so happy:)Thanks!! I`m really looking forward to it:)

  6. Ah too bad! Better luck next time!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)