barceloneta 03

Some old photos from my past trips. All nice and sunny, beachy! It's been raining all day in Tokyo it's freezing, I really wish I were somewhere nice and warm right now :(
Well I'm going to have a hot umeshu now, it should make me warm. Remember the homemade umeshu I posted about in June? I'm having it now, almost everynight ;)

Oh and the Paper balloon giveaway will end tomorrow, so if you haven't entered yet please do!


  1. Where are these photos taken? It's -20C here in Toronto today! No joke!!

  2. That's lovely. Great feel to these.

  3. not to rub it in, but i'there now.actually i'm always there which is here :)- barcelona
    love your blog

  4. can't imagine summer anymore. it was sooo rainy here. but since today its much better. it's really cold now, but at least its dry :)

  5. barcelona? how wonderful. looking at these pictures feels like summer. they warm me up.

  6. Lovely pictures! I love the winter, but I definitely wouldn't mind being on a beach in the sun! Your giveaway... I think more than enough (more than 3 hihi) people entered! :)

  7. thank you everyone! don't we all love to be somewhere nice and warm when it's freezing where you are??
    yes the first two pictres are from barcelona (neki desu, you live in barcelona!? lucky you!!!!!!!), the 3rd is Sydney and the last one is from Barwon Heads in Victoria, Australia.
    hey Aron, don't iina~ you have all the lovely beaches and nice weather around you desho!?


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)