I think it was still summer when I received a pleasant message from Ulrika. Her offer for the two of us to do a new blog together came all out of blue, but I instantly loved the idea and accepted it. How many emails did we exchange, I don't know, but after many thoughts we put into it it has finally become presentable and here I'm very happy to announce to you the launch of this new blog by Ulrika and I (hiki), from Helsingborg and Tokyo. I hope you will visit and enjoy it!



  1. ¡Hola Jollygoo! Merci beaucoup for your comment, i am really really flattered, as your blog and shop are some of my favourite places to go again and again on the www... Merci again! I'm looking forward to discover your new blog, sure it's going to be as fantastic as this one °u°
    À bientôt***

  2. This is so nice and interesting! :-)

  3. I left a comment on the new blog... this is exciting !

  4. hola Juliette,
    thank YOU, that is so sweet :)
    i hope you like our new blog too!

    hi pavinee,
    thank you!!! i did send you the reply, by the way, i think it will get to you soon :)

    hi Marion,
    that's so nice!!!!! merci!!

  5. great project, hiki!! i go and have a look right now!

  6. congratulations!
    I love both of your photographs!
    I really love the photos of the postcards.

  7. Great collage :)
    Finally we are ready for launch! Hurray!

  8. LOVE IT!!! will add it right away!!

  9. I love your new project, I look forward to seeing more : )

  10. thank you everyone for sweet comments!!!
    i'm so happy to hear you like our new blog :)

  11. Konbanha, Hiki san

    Your new project is nice.
    It's like Koukan-nikki.
    Pls kindly let me know
    how to say it in English...

    Lovely !

  12. thank you marika chan,
    hmmmmm i wonder what is the best word for "koukan-nikki" in english.... "exchanging journals" might be it. koukan-nikki, natsukashii :)

  13. exchanging journals sounds nice !
    yes, natsukashii .


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)