Wonderful gift #1 from gini, all the way from the French alpus! She handmade the sweetest card holder for me!!!!!!! Such a lovely postcard, designed by gini of course :) I'm trying to save the chocolate for later but I don't know for how long...... And her cutest little boy has just turned 1 too, omedeto!
Wonderful gift #2 from oly arrived from Taipei - so full of cute little surprises! Took me a long time to open them all but it was a lot of fun :) The calender and paris photo card set are seriously gorgeous. And the way she presented them, beautiful papers, stamps on the package...!

Thank you lovely gini and oly, merci, xie xie, arigato!
I always send out packages overseas, but it was so jolly receiving them for a change ;)



  1. beautiful packages! love the cloth in the first one.. and the chocolate :)

  2. yeahee!!!!! you're welcome HIKI! anytime!
    have a great day!
    gini !)

  3. marie,
    aren't they beautiful! and yes the chocolate is so tempting, now i don't know for what reasons i'm saving for later?

    yes, so so lovely, desho!

    yay! THANK YOU!!!! hope you had a wonderful anouki's anniversair and have a wonderful day to you too ;)

  4. you're so lucky to receive all these fantastic presents !!!!!!

  5. Yes Marion, i'm a lucky girl ;)

  6. iiinaa~!! wow those are amazing gifts! SO LUCKY!

  7. so cute! they were even packaged so nicely!
    speaking of wonderful gifts, i jut wanted to let you know that I recieved my gift from you a few days ago. DEMO, my family is teasing me, and won't let me open it till christmas. D:
    but I know I'll enjoy them.
    arigato!! merci!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)