Top: One of my favourite bookstores in Tokyo -TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI, on Keyakizaka St in Roppongi Hills, one of not-so-many bookstores where you can browse around while having a cup of coffee. Good selection of books on art/design/arichitecture/children's/magazines (japanese and foreign).

Bottom: The library at the Great Britain Museum in London. (I think that's where I took this photo, I may be wrong.)

And this is where I want to go! The Stockholm City Library by Erik Gunnar Asplund. Seen in plus81 Voyage Scandinavian issue which I have been reading over and over! Has anyone been there?
Image from plus81

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  1. i love bookstores and libraries too.. can spend ages wondering around. we have a great state library here with a beautiful reading room. a great place on hot days :)

  2. i can spend hours and hours in a good book store/library!
    will be sure to check out tsutaya next time i'm in roppongi.
    if you are ever in new york be sure to check out the new york public library, i'm sure you would love it; it's beautiful!
    although that stockholm one looks pretty amazing too!!

  3. amazing place, that Stockholm library!
    I saw 'The end of Summer'

  4. marie, it's crazy but i used to pass the state library everyday when i went to uni in melbourne, i even worked in a little japanese place right across from it and never went inside the state library!!!! okay, next time i go to melb that's one place i must go visit.

    sekimachihato, tsutaya roppongi is perfect to spend loooon time in there and it's open til very late too. and i will check out the ny state library, thank you for the info :)

  5. at swim-two-birds,
    i didn't know that one, i wonder if my local dvd shop has it....i think i will go check it this evening!!

  6. I spent my teens in the stockholm city library. It's really beautiful, and quiet. The rotunda on the picture is nice, but I really like all the rooms connected to it. There is a lot of "secret" rooms (you won't see them at first) and the art section has a huge tapestry. quite classy interior too. i hope they will keep it that way.

  7. How about the one in France, check this out!

  8. There is a big big library in Berlin that I visit each time I go there. Last time I nearly spent a day in it... I wanted to buy everything. Such an inspirational place !

  9. the state library of victoria reading room dome is also great, ne! what a lovey post - the magic of books and reading:)

  10. Libraries and bookstores are some of the best places to spend free time. So many interesting things to learn and read! (And yes, the second photo is the reading room at the British Museum... a really beautiful space.)

  11. Wooow I have to go to the Stockholm City Library!! I love being surrounded by books! :) It makes me happy!

  12. japanese book stores are THEE best book stores!!

  13. Hello Hanna Åberg,
    You are so so lucky to have spent your teenage years in there!!! Reading what you wrote here made me want to go visit more! Thank you for that!

    mich, wow that is absolutely amazing!!!!!! thank you for the link!!

    marion, another wonderful place in berlin?? there seems to be so many around, i wish i could go visit them all!

    bree, i wrote before, but yes i must go visit the state library of victoria next time i go to melbourne!!!!

    thank you for confriming!! i thought that's were it was! i didn't have enough time to spend much time in there, but hopefully next time!

    thank you!

    It makes me happy too to be surrounded by books :)

    yes especially in tokyo we have many gigantic bookstores, the small ones are nice too though ;)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)