I have been longing to take a little trip to kyoto for a while, but little this and that keep popping up and it seems I will never get there. So frustrating. It was almost 2 years ago when I was there last, that is when I took the first picture above. I suddenly remembered about this photo and while I was looking for it I found the other two and thought they'd go together.
Well, just a mumbling post really. Good night!


  1. how i understand you, that first picture is so gorgeous!
    good night, hiki!

  2. I adore the first photo!
    Sorry you didn't make it to kyoto this time!

  3. ah- kyoto!
    it's a great place to explore. it will always have a special place in my heart as i lived there for a year when i was a student.
    i have been meaning to get there for the last few years but i always go to kantou area instead.
    maybe next year...

    hope you get to go there soon!
    take lots of \ and lots of film!

  4. I'd love to be in Kyoto as well. With you would be even better!! Hope you get there soon and take lots and lots of photos to share with me instead!!

  5. Lovely series of photos! You'll get to Kyoto eventually don't worry. It's best not to go there during momiji anyway. The crowds are crazy and it makes walking around very uncomfortable (especially near tetsugaku no michi, my old neighbourhood).

  6. such great photos of the earth!!
    i would love to go to kyoto one day :-)

  7. thank you lovely people!
    how amazing that the two of you -world of sekimachihato and mizu designs have lived in kyoto!! I was actually going to get there BEFORE the crouds get crazy, but oh well... I will definately go to your old neighbourhood if I make it to Kyoto this time!! and yes Jeanne, I will take LOTS of photos and share with you (though that might make you jealous again!) and Aron, when you get a little older you might get sick of tokyo and enjoy kyoto more, ne ;)

  8. your parcel arrived this morning! so i've had my morning cuppa + biscuits with nid..
    it's a stunning magazine and thank you for wrapping it so beautifully. i'm going to have to get some of your masking tape now i think :)
    have a lovely weekend!

  9. Nice shots!!! I specially enjoyed of 2nd one!
    thanks for your visit,you are always welcome! :)
    p.s.yes,that illustration is made by me.

  10. They go perfectly together! :) So frustrating when you plan/want to go somewhere but can't get around to it!

  11. hope you get there!
    ive only been to japan once, for three days to visit a friend. i desperately wanted to go to kyoto, but it was too far for a day trip.. i have to go back soon!

  12. i hope you get there soon too:) maybe we can meet somewhere in kyoto in march/april? ;) but i am so looking forward to seeing a little bit of your tokyo!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)