the terminalぼーっとしてたらもう12月。
I can't believe it's already December, I've been complaining that it's so cold but actually it has been strangely warm for December days in Tokyo. Tokyo's symbol tree ginkgo are now all golden yellow and the leaves are starting to fall it's really beautiful. I took some photos of them today but it will be a while before I finish the roll of film so I picked these photos I took some winters back for the start of a new month. I hope you are all having a great start of December!
Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal, Yokohama.

P.S. Alice has just returned from Japan. Check out Quaint Living for gorgeous Japan photographs!


  1. oooh, these pictures are awesome !!

  2. These are mesmerizing! So so pretty! I've been thinking the same thing.. the cold weather isn't cold at all for the time of year!

  3. Thank you very much!! :) I kept a ginko leaf that I picked up while I was there, I really like the shape.

  4. I miss gingko! I loved Kyoto gingko trees at this time of year when I lived there. Not many gingko in Melbourne :)


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