[nid] is another wonderful lifestyle magazine that introduces "all good things of Nippon (japan)". And this current issue of [nid] features Japanese folk crafts and all the images of beautiful tablewares, kitchen tools, furniture, etc in it are just making my eyes sparkle!

Each Japanese prefecture (there are 47) has its special folk crafts and I've been enjoying to collect little bit of each when I visit different places in Japan. Kurashiki in Okayama prefecture is the next destination I'd love to visit for the beautiful Kurashiki glasswares!

In the [nid] website they have an online shop and you can buy some of the items that are seen in the magazine which is wonderful! These are some of my favourites:
"Onta-yaki" (小鹿田焼) from Oita prefecture, "Enkoji-gama" (延興寺窯) from Tottori prefecture.

Wooden potholders and coasters from Asahikawa, Hokkaido.


  1. This is so nice. I love Japanese art, simple but beautiful :-)

    And thank you for visiting my blog. If you would like me to send a postcard from Thailand, I'm more than happy to do so!

    Just drop me your postal address here>>


    Happy day! :-)

  2. The Kurashiki glassware is so beautiful & i'll be taking a very good look at the 'nid' website.

  3. love the inside of the bowl. really great.

  4. i love nid magazine. cant wait to go back home this christmas!

  5. lovely lovely lovely!!!!!!!!beautifuL pieces

  6. super beautiful, specially love the black&white bowls

  7. Ooh! Those coasters are divine!

  8. hi pavinee,
    i surely will email you in a minute!

    hi mary,
    yes i'm dying to see the Kurashiki glassware in real life! so beautiful aren't they ;)

    hi michaela,
    the inside is very pretty, you wouldn't want to fill up the bowl with too much food ;)

    hi yasu (is it yu-chan?),
    oh you are coming home for christmas that is really exciting!!!! japan will be waiting for your return ;)

    hi gini,
    i hope i can send them to you but am afraid they might break! i love the french tableware too, you have BEAUTIFUL stuff in france.

    hi at swim-two-birds,
    yes i like the simple b/w ones too. i wish i can buy them all!

    hi jeanne,
    i have seen those coasters at a shop before but they are so delicate and beautiful!!!!!

  9. こういう雑誌見ちゃうと、いろんなものが欲しくなって、収拾がつかなくなるから大変です(笑)。


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