All images are from biotope.
I went to an exhibition of a Japanese ceramic artist Makoto Kagoshima held at a lovely little shop called biotope in Gakugeidaigaku. I first saw his plates at aaA of yu (she has a great collection!) and later at ii-ne-kore. I instantly fell in love with his works and I did get to go to a little exhibition at the spiral but there weren't so many left there though I got a little plate for myself :)

At biotope today, I was literally surrounded by all his works from beautiful plates, bowls-big and small, coffee cups, vases, cute little objects and paintings! (you can see what it was like here) It was marvelous and I got really excited!!!! I liked many of them and didn't know which one I should get so I ended up not getting anything at all. The ones I really liked were too expensive for me anyway (30,000yen+). But I might go back soon as the exhibition will be going till Sunday, hmmmm.
You can buy them online here too, though am not sure they'd ship internationally.

Well, hope you will have a great weekend!!

5-14-1 Shimouma Setagaya-ku Tokyo 154-0002
Open: 14:00-19:00 Weekdays / 12:00-19:00 Sat&Sun&holidays / Closed on Wednesdays.

*biotope has moved to aoyama


  1. i really would love to visit biotope one day. but no plan to go to tokyo for a long time... oh well. and i actually didnt know who the ceramic artist was!!so im not sure if mine is by makoto kogoshima.. but looking at your photos, im pretty sure they are made by the same person.. I really love his ceramics. theres nothing like these here. thank you for this post!

  2. love the biotope shop and these ceramics are just super beautiful!

  3. wow those are beautiful!

    such lovely shapes. By the way, your uguisu logo says "form Tokyo" instead of "from Tokyo". lovely shop by the way!

  4. oh wow it looks like a great exhibitions! pretty works!

  5. i live in gakugeidaigaku and visited it today! just in time :-) i loved the tampopo motif the most.such a nice shop too isnt it..

  6. hello yu,
    i'm pretty sure those ones you own are his works! and you said they are the local artist's and he is from fukuoka!

    hello mieke willems,
    i always loved looking at biotope webshop, but the actual shop was really nice too! ;)

    hello aron,
    yes very pretty, i want all of them!

    hello melindatrees,
    you live in gakugeidaigaku!?!? i'm glad you could get to this exhibition just in time!!! it surely is a nice little shop, i can't wait to go back.
    hello Anonymous,
    oh thank you for pointing it out! i would never have noticed!! better fix it soon.

  7. amazing. super urayamashiiiiiiiii

  8. These ceramics are so gorgeous! How lucky you are to be in a country that truely values pottery.

  9. hiki! these are amaaazing! thanks for sharing this! And I like the little peeps into his studio. wow! amazing. So inspiring.

  10. Beautiful ceramics, Thanks !

  11. Hello Hiki

    I'm new to your blog (I came here from Brian Ferry's The Blue Hour). I'm enjoying the diverse things you've been posting about.

    Recently you wrote about stamps. I just read a Time magazine article which says that one of the three things that 'the autonomous Russian republic of Tuva' is best known for is 'its colorful and highly collectible stamps'. I did a quick google search (for 'Tuva stamps') and quite a few sites came up, the first one showing some good examples.


  12. i would love to see this exhibition...

  13. Hello Danya,
    Thank you for your visit and comment. I did look up for Tuva stamps and saw them - you're absolutely right they are devine!!! They are really amazing designs, thank you so much for telling me about them!


  14. Oh so nice ! The internet site is very amazing !


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)