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lisa larson
01: Lobby at D&Department Tokyo.

02-04: Spiral Market - one of my favourite shops in Omotesando. Went to see a little exhibition which Makoto Kagoshima was participating. Yes I got one the plates! See bree's this post to find out more about Makoto-san.

05: Lisa Larson Design Store in Shibuya. (apparently it was a limited store and now it's finished.)

I think I prefer the quiet part.



  1. such a pretty store! I love the photo of the fake view.

    I love how you tell us where all the stores are! One day, when I go to japan, I will be going through your entire blog to write where to go visit!

  2. this looks so nice!
    I agree with Celine, your blog is the perfect
    preparation for a trip to Japan.
    I would love to come visit.

  3. these are amazing! i love the shots of the spiral market, especially of those chairs.

  4. i would like to sit in one of those chairs in the second photo and look out the window at that view :)

  5. I love the first 2 pictures, inspirational for interior design!

  6. hi Celine and Christine!
    Thank you, so so sweet of you guys to say things like that! I'd really be happy if what i post here make you want to come visit tokyo and that this will be reffered to as a guide ;)

    hi Anna and Mary!
    yes i always love to just sit there and watch people and cars go by which is what the normal view from there is! what you see here is the "fake view" printed sheets of film on the windows, they're pretty good aren't they?

    hi Ulrika!
    yes! Lisa Larsson ♥! (is it double "s"?)

    hi Brit!
    thank you! those first 2 pictures are from totally different places but they link with each other don't they.

    hi kristina!
    yes he makes so many lovely plates like that, i want to own many of them!!!!

  7. Wow, Lisa Larson! How I wish I could find her goods in the US.

  8. i love the design stores dotted in and around tokyo!
    and there are so many of them!!
    such an easy was to spend a few hours (and a few yen!) on any given day.

  9. Such a lovely fake view, and Lisa Larson...Why I have to live in Spain?

  10. love the plates.. lucky you!
    september must be beautiful in japan. enjoy!

  11. beautiful store! love the panda's in picture 4!!

  12. stopping here to tell you how much i like your view on your side of this gigantic world. cheers.

  13. Yes, double "s"!
    You know she's Swedish :)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)