next door
restaurant by the lake
lovely costume
lovely costume
museum of fine art
lemon yellow
boulangerie du vietnam
cafe mai
through the fish tank
pretty wallpaperOK, so this is going to be my last post on Vietnam (finally), just with some random shots. The section of the costume for various Vietnamese tribes at the Vietnam Fine Art Museum was VERY interesting. Coffee and baguette were really good, I love their coffee with sweet condensed milk at the bottom. I'm trying to have my coffee in Vietnamese way at home now. It's really good if you like to have your coffee sweet and with milk you should try it ;) If you are going to Hanoi, Cafe MAI is the best!

So Vietnam, I think I'm going to have to see you again! You make me intrigued more so after I left!


  1. Love!!
    The second last one is brilliant.

  2. i loved the french-influenced cafes in vietnam.
    although i don't drink my coffee sweet, there is something appealing about a condensed milk-infused vietnam coffee!

    let's hope we both get to visit vietnam again soon!

  3. Oh my! My love of Asia stems originally from a love of its textiles. I simply must get to that museum. Those hmong costumes look wonderful! did you see any for sale?

  4. i think i'm gonna get me some condensed milk now... lovely photos as always!

    btw, i use a nikon's coolscanner v for scanning film, which takes FOREVER! i spent two hours this afternoon just to scan 36 shots. but i do like my scanner. :-)

  5. Your blog always make me so happy! Now I really want to go to Hanoi :).

  6. I've never been to Vietnam, but I do love these photos, especially the last one with the wallpaper, lovely!

    Are all these lomo?

  7. such beautiful photos!
    they all like movie stills :-)

  8. Hi Ulrika,
    Thank you! It was actually so nice to see through the fish tank!

    Domo world of sekimachihato,
    I really love vietnamese style coffee! I guess they use condensed milk because it's hard to get the fresh milk, but it's wonderful ;)

    Hi Jeanne,
    No unfortunately I didn't see them on sale. If there were I would've been so crazily after them!

    ai san,
    that film scanner you have is quite expensive isn't it? but すぐにもとがとれるかも? well I will consider getting it, maybe...maybe not....

    hello tu tu tu!
    Thank you for such a lovely comment! Hanoi was so interesting I would really want to go back, and next time I must go travel out of Hanoi!

    hello Shirley,
    Yes I loved the wallpaper in our room it was so pretty! And no these are not lomo but some people have asked the same question so I guess they look like it!

    hey Aron,
    oh thank you that is so sweet!

  9. these random shots work well together
    thank you for sharing

  10. oh! just found your blog. i love looking at photos from other places (than sweden that is). love it! great photography.

  11. oh I love Hanoi. The city can be so extremely melancholic if you know how to approch her though all the noise and hectic on the streets. You are not Vietnamese, are you?


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