The latest issue of ku:nel magazine is out now! This issue is featuring on outdoors and forests: cooking in the forest, mushrooms found in the woods, amazing little "mushroom house" in the forest, and outdoor fashion etc. You can get this new ku:nel vol.40 now from my shop!


  1. Oh I love the little mushroom house! Its like your ichigo one you posted a while back :) This mag looks great :)

  2. oh my, dear hiki, i'm so envy ! because vol.39 is just arrived in the magzine house in taipei. can't wait to see both of these two issue of ku:nel. i'm a very very huge fan of ku:nel for some years :)

    have a nice week !

  3. hi hiki, how are you? i found your blog through yellow goat actually and i love how your lovely photos bring me back to my days in Tokyo.

    is that yu-chan i see in the 6th image?

  4. this magazine is so cool! i feel sorry i don't understand japanese. the mushroom house is my favourite, it looks so real!

  5. hi, i love japanese magazine, book and zakka.(actually i buy many...)that's very nice to visit your blog!

  6. hi Shirley,
    thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so happy you enjoy my blog! and yes that is yu-chan, she's so cute isn't she?

    hi at swim-two-birds,
    Japanese writings...they are too hard to understand if you are not born with it i guess... at least you can enjoy the photographs and illustrations in the magazine - they are really nice ;)

    hi bonne,
    thank you for visiting my blog bonne! nice to hear from someone who loves japanese books and zakka ;)

  7. wow, this issue looks awesome....

  8. hi, hiki san

    you made me rush to purchase this issue.
    I am a mycophile. :)

  9. oooh nice!
    is that the moomin house??

  10. hi rhymeswithspoon,
    I actually haven't had a proper look myself but this issue looks really good!

    hi marika chan!
    doesn't it make you want to go on a picnick!? it did me!

    hey aron,
    I thought the same but it's not, it's actually in japan! it's a "mushroom house" ;)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)