hanoi in lights
crazy riders
hanoi in lights
water puppet show
the lake at night
the lake at night
When the night falls the city shows a totally different appearance. It was really pretty around the lake (though my photos didn't come out so nicely), and there were so many people around enjoying their night walks in their pyjamas(!) all relaxed and looking happy. The trafic gets even more crazy at night and it was totally amazing I wondered where they come from and where they are headed. But actually this fabulous photo of Shibuya crossing at night by Stephanie reminded me how I'm so used to it and that I don't even think it's that crazy but actually it can be EVEN MORE crazy than Hanoi's craziness at night! I really thought about it when I was crossing right there in Shibuya tonight, it's kind of scary!!!!

Anyway, after passing all the crazy crossings in Hanoi and when we returned to our hotel there we saw a beautiful full moon. Yes it was perfect.
full moon


  1. Hi, I went to Hanoi in 2002. Seems like everything still's the same. In a way. Which hotel did you stay at? Looks like a lovely, tranquil place!

  2. I love seeing someone's holiday photos and realising that I have all the same ones (except for the hotel one. we stayed in a total dive).

  3. these look like films stills. very dreamy and romantic..
    thanks for your lovely comments :)

  4. that first shot is interesting
    G1: vietnamese
    G2: ???
    G3: western
    G4: korean

    very kokusaiteki!w

  5. Hi jen,
    I heard that Hanoi has changed a lot in the past 3-4 years so if you go there now you might see the difference maybe? We stayed at the Hilton Hanoi Opera, thought we could treat ourselves a bit as we were not spending much on everything else ;)

    Hi Chi Designs,
    I love seeing other people's holiday shots because we all see the place differently and I enjoy seeing it in different perspective :)

    Hi Marion, Mary and Aron,
    Twinkly lights were so pretty especially around the lake ;) いいでしょう!

    Hi world of sekimachihato,
    Very kokusaiteki, desho? I tried to figure out what the one on the second floor says but failed too! Somehow I found quite a few Korean signs around in Hanoi.

  6. Hmmm I think Shibuya is far more scarey than Hanoi!!

    Love, just love your hotel pic! Beautiful.

  7. Konnichiwa Jeanne,
    I never really thought about it, but yea Shibuya beats Hanoi! and that actually is scary!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)