I have updated my shop today and restocked some items including popular tracing paper envelopes, some masking tapes that had been out of stock for a while.

This time I have some new items such as Cotton & Linen Cloth Tapes. I have polka dot patterned ones that are 100% cotton and the plane ones that are 100% linen. They are great for binding zines, decorating books, gift wrapping and lots more! I just quickly turned my plane notebook I got from MUJI the other day into a cute new look in only 10 seconds with the Cotton Cloth Tape {Polka Dot Red}. So easy.
Also now I have more new colours of Japanese Masking Tapes and I made a quick mosaic here so you can see what I've got now in my shop all in a glance. For cute singles:And the cool sets:
Do you see anything you like? I hope you do and if you do please check out my shop. Thank you ;)


  1. Ohhhhhhh. My birthday is coming. I am going to treat myself with some of your stuff maybe...
    : ))

  2. ohhhhhhh hiki-chan!!!!!! LOOK AT THE MIZU TAMA ONES!!!!!!!!! the linen ones! you have a wonderful eye young lady and I hope you will show me where you bought them from when we hang out in Tokyo hehe! Love the bound book too! Delightful!
    Love Love
    Hello Sando

  3. hey Marion,
    oh your birthday is coming! please do order from my shop and i will add a little extra gift ;)

    hey Ebony-chan,
    yea they are so cute aren't they! i will tell you all the secrets when you get here ;) there are more and more shops i want to show you i don't know how long my list is going to be when you get here!

  4. These are so cool! Will check out your shop definitely after I post this comment! :) Happy I discovered your blog... Love the things you post about!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)