dinner in the local diner
pho place
pho place
breakfast in hanoi
lunch by the lake
breakfast in hanoi
breakfast in hanoi
Vietnam never let me down when it comes to eating. The food is wonderful and the Vietnamese people seem to have such great passion for eating and I really enjoyed that. The only thing is that at most places the beer is served warm and you have to drink it with ice. If I could've had the really chilled YEBISU there it would've been more than perfect.

The pho noodles we were having there every morning, I can't stop thinking about them. I had been having them in Tokyo but they were totally different! My friend just told me that there will be Vietnam Festival (!) in Yoyogi this weekend so I hope I can find the good pho noodle there.

Quan com NHA HEN - Binh Dan local diner.
11B Nguyen Bing Khiem Q.Hai Ba Trung

Pho Suong - number 1 beef pho noodle place in town.
24 Ngo Trung Yen, Q.Hoan Kiem

Pho Thin - great pho with fried spring onion on top!
12 Lo Duc, Q.Hai Ba Trung


  1. that pho looks divine!!
    there are a few good vietnam restaurants here in hong kong so i sometimes go there to get my fix of pho.
    that restaurant looks amazing with all that clutter! what's at the top of that ladder??

    beer should never be served warm... that's the only thing which amazes me in south east asia. once the ice starts to melt you get watered-down beer!!

  2. hi hiki - oishisoooooo. but entirely agre about the beer:)
    can i ask what camera/film you have used in top 3 photos - that gives that special quality? i am keen to find out more about photos!

  3. i love the angel of the top photo!

  4. wow, all these photographs have a greenish-blue gleam,it is like being underwater :-) wonderful!

  5. hi world of sekimachihato,
    there are a few really good vietnamese restaurants here in tokyo too but what i used to think really good were nothing like what i had in vietnam!
    if i ever go to hongkong, i will try the pho ;)
    oh, and that ladder? it's a mystery!

    hi bree,
    hontouni oishikatta yo!
    beer was really zannen!

    hi Anna,
    we ate on the second floor and it had the window which we could look down and that was cool!

    hi Elisabeth,
    oh you know that feeling, we all miss Vietnam!

    hi at swim-two-birds,
    yea you're right, they do look like being underwater a bit! it could be what they did when I had my film developed or maybe it's Vietnam!

  6. Oh this is so yummy.
    As we say in french MIAM !!!

  7. I LOVE these places! I love the plastic chairs you sit on, and the tight atmosphere, and good food, everywhere! I was born in Hong Kong, and places like these are but a distant memory to me.........
    I love this post!

  8. LOVE your Vietnam shots Hiki!

  9. what lovely pictures from hanoi. it's such a beautiful city. i like your blog by the way. great photos :)

  10. wow...wooow!!! awesome photos. it looks like you had an incredible time, eating great food! everything here looks so yummy. i was waiting to see these! thanks for sharing :)

  11. Salut Marion,
    I love it when you give me "un petit lecon de francaise"! MIAM MIAM! I will be saying that all the time now ;)

    Hi Celine,
    Ah you were born in Hong Kong! I've been thinking that's where I have to go next to have great food! I'm so happy you enjoyed this post :)

    Hi Ulrika,
    Thank you! I'm so glad you love them ;)

    Hi ai-san,
    oishi katta yo-----!

    Hi Luuworld,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I found a totally different type of "beauty" in Hanoi and you probably know what I mean if you've been there ;)

    Hi kinako,
    Yea it was really an interesting trip, I absolutely looooooooved the food :)


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