I updated my shop last night and more magazines have been added! (backnumbers/mostly secondhand)

For the past 5-6 years there has been SO MANY lifestyle/home/interior magazines published in Japan, and everytime I go to the bookstore I find something new and they really do inspire me. ku:nel, Lingkaran, Arne, Tennen-seikatsu, Come home! are the popular ones that have been around for quite a long time (unfortunately Lingkaran is now finished) , but the newer or not-so-big-but-actually-quite-good zine-type ones like hibi, murmur, miru by Shiseido can't be missed.

Also though I don't have it in my shop at the moment "kurashi no techo" is the all-time favourite, it's been going since 1948 and is probably the oldest lifestyle magazine in Japan. It's a really great magazine full of useful and inspiring ideas for quality lifestyle, but it has lots of reading stuff so you'd enjoy it more if you read Japanese. Still it's really worth checking out, if you happen to go near a bookstore that sell Japanese magazines do look for this writing "暮らしの手帖"!!


  1. I want to buy Lingkaran Vol.23 and Come home! Vol.7, together,
    but I cant find add to chart bottom in this magazine (Lingkaran Vol.23)...
    Are the magazine still available?
    Please, let me know...

    Have a good day
    Kiss from Melbourne

  2. oh i love kurashi no techo. i also have the collection of 'suteki na anata ni'
    do you know them?
    these covers are always so beautiful.

  3. so lovely Hiki-san! I wish I could buy every one of them from you! :)
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  4. oh my god! I better save my pennies!

  5. When I was in Japan, I used to buy Japanese Magazines just so I can look at the pictures

  6. thank you nani,
    hope your package arrives fast!

    hi yasu,
    yes I love "sutekina anata ni" too, and you have a great collection!

    hi ebony-chan,
    well you've already got heaps of great magazines I bet!!

    hi Celine,
    hehe, hope you can have them from my shop one day ;)

    hi Baron's Life,
    you know I never thought anyone would do that, it's always us loving to look at foreign magazines! didn't think japanese magazines would look attractive!

  7. Oh yes, they are very fascinating to me because of the details and the cartoon characters and also because they depict the local culture... I would do the same thing again when I visit Japan...Your magazines are absolutely fantastic to say the least..they can visually communicate what's going on and that's a very special art

  8. awesome! i am going to look for these when i go back to japan next week!

  9. great!! you are a total treasure trove:) and I LOVE your letterpress post above as well. the melbourne printing musuem had a stall at the recent design festival in melbourne - so great to see handcrafted printing.

  10. hi kinako,
    oh you are coming to Japan! wow!
    well it's VERY hot, so be aware!!

    hi bree,
    yes I heard about the MMOP at the design festival. I wish I could've been there!! They gave me a fantastic tour on my visit, for 2 full hours! was great!

  11. Wow, the magazines look amazing!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)