Baden Baden is a WONDERFUL shop that features Japanese artists' products from futniture, interior accesories, stationery to fashion items including bags and jewelries. "To express aesthetics of Japanese traditon in the modern day" is Baden Baden's philosophy and is full of beautiful unique items of contemporary designs created in Japan by designers many of whom are yet to be known.
I first heard about Baden Baden at yasu's aaA, and I was reminded of it at Bree's ii-ne-kore. I've been so familiar with the area where Baden Baden is but had never heard of it before these two lovely bloggers mentioned about it! (Thank you so much ladies!!) And I finally visited the shop last week and I just fell in love with it. It's now my very favourite shop/space in Tokyo, number one!!
The above 4 images are from Baden Baden.
I don't know how it could happen, but the top photo ended the roll of film I had in my camera and so that is the only photo I could take of the place :( Above images are from their website, their online shop is also very nice.

I also found a bag of my dream there, (actually had to go back there again to get it!) It's made of plywood and lovely fabric designed originally for Baden Baden by Akin Drum. I'm so pleased with it! ;)Baden Baden
2-31-7 Chuo-cho Meguro-ku Tokyo (google map)
About 5 minuite walk from Gakugeidaigaku Station on Toyoko Line. (It's in a residential area and is a bit hard to find.)
Openin hours: 12:00~20:00 / Closed on Wednesdays


  1. i really love reading your blog.
    as if i'm traveling in japan right now. =p

  2. Ooh I feel a need for a trip to Tokyo soon...very soon...

  3. Ooh! What a wonderfull place! Thank you Hiki! Oh my god, I've just seen you put my blog in your list! Thank you so much! Arigatou gazaimasu, kore wa totemo yasashii desu!

  4. i've been checking their website for quite a while now, but i've never been to the actual shop. it looks so darn cute. gotta stop by next time i'm in town!

  5. Oh it seems to be such a great place !!!!

  6. your blog is so full of amazing places to see in asia!! This store looks like a dream!

  7. Hello Sherlyn,
    I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog! Thank you!

    Hello Jeanne,
    Yes I can get that feeling from your words ;)
    Tokyo will be waiting for you!

    Konnichiwa littlemokuyoubi-san,
    Yes this is a REALLY nice place!

    Hello aixxx-san,
    It's a dream shop really, well at least it is for me. but I think you'd love it too!

    Bonjour Marion,
    Yes it was WONDERFUL!

    Hello Celine,
    It surely is a shop of my dreams!!!

  8. what a great place... the 1.image is gorgeous, i loooove the interior design!

  9. Oh hiki, I've finally had a few minutes to catch up on your beautiful blog. It is always a treat, with so many delicious finds all over Tokyo. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Another shop I MUST visit!! :)

  10. I love your blog!! I haven't been to Tokyo since I was age 2....but I bet it would be so pretty to visit now. The shop is beautiful.

  11. i love your bloggy too.....i like that bag...


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