These are all taken in different cities in Japan at different times, they have so much in common. Just a tiny bit of land (or building) showing at the bottom of the frame, all tilted a bit to the left and mostly skies whether it's a beautiful sky or just a plain boring sky. I must like this style. Do you take similar photos without realising like I do?


  1. i love these photos!!

  2. Hi Aron, okaeri!!!
    Nice to have you back on the net ;)

    Hi Huiru,
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Beautiful photographs. The third photograph is a truly amazing capture.

    I love how the strip of land along the bottom emphasises the looming expanse of sky above us. I tend to take photos of the silhouettes nature makes against the sky! It's strange how some scenes capture our thought.

  4. I have to force myself not to take photos in this way - I think it stems from a minimalist tendency. And also the sky is just so beautiful

  5. Hello Alex, hello Anna Higgie!
    Thank you for visiting my blog :)
    Well the sky is beautiful and it's one of the most common subjects to photograph after all. But love capturing the sky they never look the same!

  6. hello. just visiting your blog... and enjoying looking through this window into another world - thank-you. beautiful images of your culture and surroundings... will be sure to visit again.
    i especially love these pictures of the sky.

  7. beautiful photos! glad to have found your lovely blog.

  8. i do this often, too -- but i love your photos all together like this.

  9. beautiful, again!
    i often take pics of the sky... never as gorgeous as yours!!!


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