Japanese Summer.
Rainy season has gone and the real summer has arrived. The heat and the humidity is just so unbearable, it seems to get hotter and hotter every year. Global warming, big problem. I hope I can survive another summer of Japan.
Have a lovely summer to you all!


  1. These are great photos! The mood they convey is sooooo soothing. By any chance do you use a Lomo camera? I'm just getting into Lomography :)

    By the way, at least you're getting summer there! We haven't had a HOT day in Toronto, although I'm not complaining...heehee.

  2. No jen, I don't have a Lomo though I've been wanting one! I guess these do look a bit like taken with Lomo, could be the type of film I used. I'd love to see your Lomography!

  3. from looking at your photos if i wasnt already in japan i would want to come here.but i am here and it is so UNBEARABLE this summer i dont want to be here at all. i hope you can survive it, i dont think i can...

  4. hello! thank you for your friendly visit and comment :) i just recently found your blog and i am so happy i did! this is another lovely set. yeah...i will be going to japan in the fall. much more pleasant around that time of the year.

  5. yes global warming is a huge problem. paris is also hot but not as much. but soon it will be autumn and eventually japan in winter isnt bad! i can understand you. maybe hokkaido is the only cool place in summer?

  6. Oh yes how I remember those horrible Kyoto summers! Is that a gin and tonic I see in pic #2? If so good summer drink choice. Nothing better on a hot day!

  7. it's very muggy here in montpellier too.
    it's usually a dry heat here and so it's quite hard to cope with, although nowhere near as humid as japan!
    happy summer to you too and here's to iced drinks!!

  8. Hello lovely!
    Oh I hope you are hanging in there. Yasu is over at his family home in Matsudo at the moment and he said its sooo hot!
    But even still your lovely natsu photos look so delightful!

    I hope you have a gorgeous weekend.

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  9. Hi melindatrees,
    It's truly horrible isn't it? I suppose you feel more that way when you're in a foreign land, I remember surviving the whole year of hotness in Darwin Australia and I don't know how i did! I hope you find some joy in this horrible Japanese summer somehow!

    Hi kinako (i just love your name!),
    Lucky you're coming in autumn it's my favourite time of the year in Japan. Good food come around too!

    Hi Yasu,
    Well you know I will be complaining it's too cold when the winter comes, but still i prefer it to be too cold than too hot!

    Hi mizu designs,
    oh yes summer in kyoto, it would be even worse than tokyo! And that drink is frozen daiquiri and is actually an even better summer drink choice ;)

    Hi Mary,
    Oh I can be so sure that the horribleness of this heat and humidity in Japan beats that of where you are! but yea cheers to iced drinks! ;)

    Hi Ebony,
    Well I guess Matsudo is as hot and humid as it is in tokyo, it seems you stayed in sydney but that was really a wise choice I'd say! Japanese natsu are best to enjoy in the photos, yay!
    Anata mo yoi shumatsu o ne ;)

  10. beautiful shots...
    here it's hot too (30 c°), but with rainy days and cold air every 3 days...strange
    wish you a lovely summer too, hiki!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)