Melbourne is the 'third most' livable city in the world according to The Economist's World's Most Livable Cities 2009 and I am very proud. I think it came "number one" when I was living there a long time ago and I remember thinking "wow!" and "yay". I lived there for about 3 years as a student and I used to think it was a great place to study, but i was only a teenager back then with lots of assignments, a bit of homesickness, and very little money i could spend freely which I earned from my part time job at a japanese restaurant so maybe there was a lot i missed out. I loved the gardens and trams and people so much of course though. Everytime I go back there after coming back to live in Tokyo I realise the wonderfulness of Melbourne more and more, and how friendly and amazing people Aussies are! I seem to think more that way when I travel to other cities/countries actually. So hurrah Melbourne!

Here are some great places to visit in Melbourne:
Journal Canteen (seen in the photo #03)
253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

vue de monde for beautifully presented delicate French meal, very expensive but you won't regret it. (seen in the photo #04)
430 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

Prahran Market for foodies! (seen in the photo #05)
163 Commercial Road, South Yarra

Happy River Cafe for a sunny afternoon drinks. (seen in the photo #07)
45 Moreland St Footscray

The Commercial Bakery for great coffee and focaccia. (seen in the photo #08)
Rear 360 Lt Collins St, Melbourne

And also Melbourne is the home of lovely people ii-ne-kore and mizu designs (both lived in japan for many years and are real japan experts!) And this is a great guide to wonderful Melbourne.


  1. oh, you make melbourne look so lovely:) i hope you get to come back and visit sometime soon hiki! and i REALLY want to vist kanazawa again seeing all of your amazing images and ideas of places to go

  2. never been there but would love to visit someday!

  3. I love the photos you take, there's a feeling of warmth and approachability to it. Do you mind telling me how to achieve that -- is it through a lens filter, the type of film/camera you use, photoshop skills, or just in-born talent (in which case it's hopeless for me then! :-))

  4. Hi ii-ne-kore!
    Well Melbourne IS a lovely city, quite photogenic. But I was sooooo surprised to see all the changes found in the city, i was like a "urashima-taro"!!
    I hope to go back again soon, and I hope you get to go to kanazawa too ;)

    Hi yasu!
    Melbourne really is lovely, I think you would like it yasu!

    Hi cheeky.cicak!
    Well i guess it must be my camera that does the good work! it's not really a special kind or anything but has a bright lense. And film cameras always have the special effects I think. I don't use a filter or photoshop these photos (I do photoshop images I take with my digital camera though). But if I can tell you one tip it would be to take LOTS of photos!

  5. The 1st picture is terrific. I LOVE it !!!!!

  6. How gorgeous of you to write so beautifully about Melbourne! And to mention my little self at the end too is just so kind of you - thank you!
    Melbourne IS a lovely place to live. When I was returning from Japan I had to choose where to live and I chose Melbourne because it's easy to cycle around in, has 4 seasons (unlike many places in Australia) and has a wonderful mix of cultures.
    BUT Kyoto is definitely my 2nd favourite place to live. Without a doubt!

  7. Hi Marion,
    Thank you. I guess the light was perfect!

    Hi mizu designs,
    Oh yes Kyoto, I'd love to go and live there if I can! and yes that's true that Melbourne has four seasons and that is important to me. I previously lived in Darwin (I lived there for a year believe or not!) so living in Melbourne was a HUGE change from living in Darwin as you could imagine!

  8. Melbourne does have it all - I say this between gritted teeth as a kiwi! :)

  9. Much like Toronto, it's also on that same list. Toronto may have came 4th! It looks like a city I can live in! Is it also a multicultural city?

  10. Hi Mary! I love that expression! oh I now really want to go back to Melbourne!!!

    Hi jen laceda,
    Yes Melbourne surely is a multicultural city! It has wonderful restaurants from all over the world which is another reason to love Melbourne.
    Not only Toronto but I think Vancouver also come one of the top cities, so I really would love to go visit these Canadian cities!!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)