Atelier Kaoru is my favourite jewelry brand from Kyoto. The Kyoto-born designer Kaoru san's designs are inspired by daily seen objects mostly of nature. She handmades the most delicate and beautiful jewelries! I've been a huge fan of her designs though in the past few years she's become quite popular and the price has gone up so I haven't been able to get any new ones for a long time, but those what you see in the above pictures are my KAORU Collection.

The bottom images are from her website (you need to be patient to see this web..), it has very unique atmosphere don't you think? Oh i want that necklace in the last image!


  1. I love her pieces! Very organic as well! The forms and shapes are as delicate as Mother Nature herself.

  2. her work looks very delicate. i love those! would love to see them in real life..what materials are they made of?

  3. hi jen laceda,
    Yes you're right. Her design is so organic and delicate but also has some oriental feels to it and nice;)

    hi yasu,
    I think they are mostly silver (some are ibushi silver, don't know how you say it in english) and gold. sometimes she uses stones as well.

  4. What lovely treasures - these are beautiful! The background is like a Jan Pienkowski book.

  5. Hello Jane, thank you for visiting!
    I didn't know Jan Pienkowski but I just googled and saw some of his work and yes I know what you mean!

  6. i'm a fan of Kaoru's pieces too. especially her rings. i own a couple of them =)

  7. does anyone know where you can buy kaoru online ?

  8. Hello,
    I recently discovered Kaoru in Canada. Do you know how to contact her as the English website does not indicate an email.
    Thank you,

  9. Hi I have the same question as the poster above. Do you know how to contact the store in email?

  10. Nidhi (sorry I noticed your comment now!) and Belle1205,
    I looked at her website now but couldn't find her contact. I don't think she can be contacted directly but only through her official retailers. You need to contact one of the shops listed in the website by telephone only, in Japanese...


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)