hotel okura tokyo
hotel okura tokyo
hotel okura tokyo
hotel okura tokyo

End of another Tokyo gem coming really close now....

Yes their main building -a beautiful 60s architecture- will be closed at the end of August and then will be demolished to be replaced to a modern high-rise building. (the hotel will remain)
If you are interested go ahead and read about this by Monocle -->

It's only about 12 minutes walk from my shop, so hopefully I can go back one weekend morning before it closes at the end of next month. If I can survive the heat that is though....

Hotel Okura Tokyo



  1. Ending as in, it is closing business? This hotel looks incredible through your photographs. It would be a shame for it to close.

    1. Hello Celine, the hotel will continue their business but a part of the hotel, this main building, will sadly be closed and demolished. It's so photogenic that any photos taken here would look so good, it's magic! I added a link in the post, if you are interested please go and read it :)

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    1. Hi Sydney, it's full of beautiful details in this building!


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