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Just a quick walk from the Red Dot Design Museum there is this most amazing Maxwell Road Hawker Centre.
You'd really need another (or a few more) stomach while in Singapore! I sometimes get a bit worried when buying food from markets or food stalls but in Singapore they are kept amazingly clean and we were really impressed! Ros had taken us earlier to another hawker center near Ann Siang Hill called Amoy Street Food Centre where we had the best fish ball noodle soup and some curry of the type I had never tried before anywhere, they were both really delicious and we could not have tried these if not for Ros!! We were very lucky :)

At the Maxwell Road Hawker Centre we had Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice and LOVED it. It was the best Singapore chicken rice we have ever tried and I can tell you that we have tried at so many places. I could eat it everyday, it was sooo good, was perfect. Once is not enough to go to each Hawker Center, we learned.


For the Chicken Rice we also tried Boon Tong Kee (thanks to the tip from Rebecca!), this place was also very special, if you prefer dining restaurant style then this is the place to go :) We tried the one in River Valley Rd as it was (kind of) close to our hotel but I want to try their other restaurant next time.

Another place that we loved from Rebecca's recommendation was YA HUA BAK KUT TEH EATING HOUSE. I had tried Bak Kut Teh once in Tokyo before but what this was completely different. 200 times better.



We also tried the black pepper crab at kind of a fancy restaurant in Orchard Road. There are too many things to try and enjoy! We also went up to a glittering place for dinner and drinks at one of those high rise buildings, it was fine, the night view of the city was amazing, but it was not really our kind of place. It was hard to tell where you are, if I didn't see Marina Bay Sands in a corner of my eye I could have thought we were somewhere in Shinjuku or Manhattan. If you know what I mean.

Reviewing and trying to finish this post I am getting hungry and now craving for some good Singaporean chicken rice.... Or another trip to Singapore! Can not wait to go back!

Now it's finally the end of my Singapore posts....! Now onto.....Kyoto trip (from January.. haaaaa!) !

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  1. now you are making me crave chicken rice as well mmm. these days whenever I'm home, I meticulously plan my holiday around mealtimes and eat exclusively at hawker centres or at home. there's never enough time/tummy space to eat everything each trip !


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