Summer, on Instagram.
Yes it's summer. August in Tokyo is probably the least fave month, the heat and extreme humidity take away all my energy... but actually the last couple of days have been actually quite nice and I wish it will always like this the entire month.

This morning I thought of Nagasaki. I thought of my grandparents who were there so close in the city, as newlyweds, who saw the flash and the blackness, who then survived. I thought of what happened there 67 years ago. Made my heart ache.

Listening to Priscilla Ahn makes me feel calm.

Happy Summer to you all♡


  1. This brings tears to my eyes. Pieces of our history can be so sad. It is good to never forget, so that maybe we can remember and learn from those mistakes. It is through our compassion and our art that hopefully we can make a difference in any way we can. You inspire me so much throughout my day... your good energy and beautiful creations make a difference!

  2. better to remember than forget...
    beautiful photos too!
    enjoy your obon!

  3. Instagram do make summer more fun and enjoyable. A lot of good memories can be captured and shared via Instagram. So start clicking and smile for the camera.

  4. i hope this will never happen again
    peace <3

  5. hello hiki,
    i saw a pretyy picture of you on hanna's blog : ) !!
    i don't like the warmt and humidity, here it is 36°C !

    keep on the good memories, and that this will never happen again

  6. What beautiful photographs, only just discovered your blog but will definitely be back soon!

  7. it's always hot here in malaysia! dying from the heat tbh
    what's your instagram? :)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)