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From top left: 01. My recent favourite soup bean mix from EATALY on cutting board from Fine Little Day. / 02. Young jacaranda leaves coming out on my balcony - good sign of early summer! / 03. First passion flower of the season to bloom! / 04. Nathalie Lete plate from Anthropologie. / 05. Hydrangea in my favourite mini vase from a lovey web shop Neest. / 06. Mexican Lunch at Hacienda in Daikanyama with Ros celebrating the launch of her new website I worked on. / 07. Good vegetarian lunch with a good friend in my new neighbourhood. / 08 & 09. Having drinks at home :)


  1. You eat alot of yummy food!

  2. If you hadn't said 'home' I would have thought it was a restaurant in that last two :) Beautiful!

    1. oooo you are too sweet to say that Shirley! thank you :)

  3. Such warm beautiful colors. Beautiful time!

  4. Thanks for sharing your IG username~I have tried searching with just "hiki" but no luck before~following now =)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)