the crack
Every time I see this crack on my enamel container I remember the day.
It's been exactly a year today.

The fact there are still 3,155 people missing and over 340,000 people still living in the temporary housing in Tohoku is a truly painful reality, but I really hope that both these numbers will be lessened as much as, and as fast as possible.

I just want to make sure here that I have always been so grateful for all your warm wishes and the kindest words you sent for me, and prayers and supports you sent for Japan from all over the world.

Many many thanks, on the first anniversary of the March 11th disaster.



  1. Beautiful words, touching posts! I have been a follower of your blog since before the March 11. Your photos are beautiful.
    Keep them coming ... they are full of life, hope and beauty!

  2. Thinking of you & Japan today xx

  3. Thoughts and prayers for Japan.

  4. Hi Hiki, I am thinking of you, did already yesterday. Big hug from Sydney,

  5. Beautiful photos and moving words. I still hope for the people who were affected that day, I simply can't imagine the devastation.

  6. ...
    Japan, such a beautiful country.
    Such beautiful people...

  7. Beautiful photos and words, I think a lot about Japan those days.. Hanami is coming soon I can't wait to see your pictures :)

  8. My heart broke when I heard of the news in Japan. It aches when I think of the brave brave people of Tohoku.

  9. Thank you all for your lovely words and wishes *ALWAYS*!! It's wonderful to know that we are taken care of from all over the world and that is really encouraging!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)