Here they are, photos from my holiday, finally! I was quite disappointed by how most of them turned out, the ones I share here are the best ones though, anyway...

Mexico was our main destination and we stayed in Berkeley, California for the first 3 nights. We really didn't get to see much of San Francisco, we just went to the Alden Shop where R bought a pair of shoes of his dreams, took a ferry to visit Sausalito and had the famous clam chowder and oyesters, back to SF and had more oysters! .....doesn't sound very exciting I know, we didn't even get a glimpse of The Golden Gate Bridge (because of the fog) or a cable car! We will need to go back and have a proper look around San Francisco for sure.


  1. oooh wonderful SF pictures!! you make it look even cuter! i stayed there for a little while a couple years ago at a friends apartment, and i really like their city! except for the crazy homeless people...
    im glad you had the chowder bowl at the pier!! i never tried that, im sure it was cho oishikatta?!

    ps: i put some new music back on my page for you :-)
    arigatou Hiki-san!

  2. sausalito is one of my favorite places : )

  3. lovely pics and the bread food looks delicious

  4. Oh no why were they disappointing? You were using your new camera? I love these though, been so many years since I last visited San Francisco, you're making me miss the place all over again!

  5. Your pictures make me sooo much to go there. Next time you go there you need to go to Tartine, the best cafe in town

  6. Prudence,
    Thank you, it was all beautiful there!

    Yes, the chowder in the bread bowl was good!! You should try it if you ever go back there ;) And thanks for putting the music back for me! I do like the new music :)

    I heard that this chowder in the bread bowl is originally from San Francisco so I felt I had to try it and I'm glad I did :)

    Sausalito, so many people told me it's a really beautiful place so we went! I think we needed to spend more time to explore there, it was a lovely place!

    yes it was delicious!!

    You are so kind! My camera is getting so old and it needs fixing (if they can fix it that is though). It used to work fine even inside the building with low lights but not anymore. I need to go back to SF to have a proper look around!

    YES!! I had written down address of Tartine and even had it pinned in my map but we just didn't have enough time! Next time, it's a must!

    Thank you Marion, you are always so sweet!!

  7. those are lovely hiki! i love the sea pic :) x

  8. beautiful as always :D

    I was in SF for Thanksgiving and went to the Alden shop too! my husband would loooove to buy a pair. . . someday.


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)