From San Angel we walked to Coyoacan, a lovely neighbourhood with so many beautiful old houses with lots of amazing colours. It was really hard to just keep walking without stopping to photograph every few metres. Every single sight that came into my eyes was mesmerising. Ah Mexico City, I love you so much!!


  1. Lovely pictures Hiki, amazing the 2 ones with houses in contrasting colours. I wish I will be able to visit Maxico soon myself:-)

  2. Mexico has never been at the top of my list but after seeing photos and hearing about my sisters trip there it's moved up a bit on my to-go-to list.
    now seeing your photos and it makes me wanna go a bit more.
    can't wait to see what treasures you bought! you will do a post right?

  3. i live so close to mexico and i have yet to explore this city! what a colorful place to visit!

  4. ohhhh... so beautiful. My favorite one is the "Algodon Artistico de Coyoacan". De you get to see Frida Kahlo's house/museum? I want to go there some day. She is my favorite painter. OH!! I just read your interview in this month's Frankie. It's wonderful. Do you want a screen shot I get the digital version?

  5. I've been following your pics on instagram too. These are beautiful! The colourful houses remind me a little of Burano in Italy. Just as colourful!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  6. love all the beautiful colourful mexico photos!!! this looks like a interesting and pretty neighborhood you visited

  7. they make me want to go to Mexico, but you know..I am coming to Tokyo first :) lovely shots Hiki

  8. Great shots! Must say I love to look at those houses in Mexico, love the bold and bright colors in their walls. :D

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  9. I would love this city and those colorful houses ! sometimes I find Paris a bit too grey..

  10. Sydney, s t E f a N i a, amanda jane,
    Yes, the walls were really amazing! This city is really amazing everything about it was so lovely!!!

    world of sekimachihato,
    To my surprise I actually didn't do so much shopping though i hoped i did! I must go back for that reason too :) Oh but Mexico is so amazing, I really wish I had gone there a lot sooner!!

    Well I wish I lived closer to Mexico because it is quite far away from Japan. You are SO lucky to live close!!

    Yes yes I did go to Frida Kahlo museum, that was one of the places I had been wanting to go visit if I ever get a chance!! And oh you found my interview on Frankie! I still haven't received my copy though my lovely friends had sent me pics of the pages. I would SO love it if you could send me the screenshot, if it won't be too much to ask that is...!

    Cookie Cutter,
    I can imagine there would be colourful houses to be seen in parts of Italy! I saw many in Spain too, but how they use colours in Mexico somehow seemed different... still, I love seeing these as they are not something we would commonly find in Japan! ;)

    Mexico is really beautiful but YES I am so excited that you will be in tokyo soon!!

    Thank you! aren't the colours amazing!

    I love Paris and I love Mexico city, they are both my favourite cities and yes they are VERY different but both have great beauty in each city :)

    Thank you!! :)

  11. Beautiful! can I ask you, what camera do you use? Your photos are stunning! Thanks


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