Last week on a beautiful day I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful Aron from Make it Easy who is now in Tokyo for a month from Hawaii! We rode around on our bikes to the park where we had a little picnic with obento and ebisu beer, and to Tama River then back to Jiyugaoka. The weather in Tokyo has been beautiful and perfect for bike riding I really enjoyed our fun afternoon adventure :)

Aron has been taking and posting cool pictures of Tokyo on his blog and they just make me smile and happy! I think you will enjoy them too ;)


    I think I say it everytime I leave a comment :)

    Lovely pictures. Seems like you two had a really nice day riding your bikes around the city. I always imagen, that when I go to Japan, I'll be riding a bike too somewhere out on the countryside.

  2. That's already been enjoyable enough for me to have a look of your bike journey simply through your beautiful photos:)

  3. Aaah, so lovely, riding along the path and by the river side, i enjoyed the photos from both of you :-) happiness~

  4. i love the photos and i'd die to have the camera u used to take those photos. i hope it's not a rare camera that u used?

  5. It's so much fun reading both of your blogs and looking at the photos from your outing.

  6. Wow, I am having fun reading your blog and all the photos been posted here. Cool!

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  7. Nice photos!I love the photos,you did a nice shots huh! Congrats to you :) . I hope that your going to share more.It seems like you two had a really nice day riding your bikes around the city.

  8. Ohh such lovely photos of your bike journey! It's always great to see green scenery next to cityscape. :] I'm loving all of Aron's entries, and thinking of an excuse to plan a Tokyo visit myself.

  9. Hikisan,
    the pictures came out sooo beautiful!
    i am so happy to have spent such a wonderful day with such a wonderful person :-)
    also, YES, the flower : kinmokusei!!! it is difficult for me to remember, but maybe i can because it sounds like mendokusai (hahahaha!!!!)

    you bike is safe at the toritsudaigaku station :-)
    he is resting well there under the shade. hehe

    jya, mata atodene!

  10. The 3rd picture is so gorgeous Hiki ! I can't stop looking at it.

  11. I love how your photos are bright, washed out and colorful at the same time. Looking at your pictures makes me happy :) More power!!

  12. so glad you had time to spend together. i have been following his site for a little while now, it is a favorite of mine. i really love that third shot, it's brilliant!


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