Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum holds the annual Art Deco Palace Exhibition which actually doesn't exhibit anything but to showcase the architecture itself as a piece of art. Some rooms can only be seen during this special occasion. The museum building was built in 1938 as the residence of the Prince Asaka Family and is also known as "The Art Deco Palace". Yes, Art Deco!

I love coming to this museum and every time I come here I can not help gazing at every little detail that attracts and destructs me from what is being exhibited, but when I come here for this annual exhibition it's a different story. I can only look at the architecture and interior as much as I like, and the best part is that only during this exhibition they allow you to take photographs inside! Unlike last time I came here to take photos some years ago today was unbelievably crowded with people (with over 80% of the visitors being senior citizens!) and it was so hard to take photos :( I tried to wait and get shots without people in them many many times but my patience snapped before I could snap the shot! I might try and go back again before this exhibition ends at the end of the month before closing for renovation for a while, perhaps early in the morning when people start showing up.... if I can, hmmm.


  1. Haha how come there are so many seniors in there? It's exactly the kind of place that makes me mad -exactly why my friends make fun of me, as i once cried out of beauty-schock in front of a toilet's door knob -it WAS absolutely perfect and beautiful! Maybe i have "senior" taste already..?

  2. Thank you Brandi!

    Bonjour Juliette,
    ha ha ha, yes actually i do have "senior" taste in myself too but the reason why there were SO MANY seniors here today was I think because they get discount on the admission fee (don't know if it's only for today or not though)! or i guess many seniors like imperial families so that is why? there was even a big bus arriving full of seniors too! hilarious!!

  3. it's nice to see people in the shots sometimes :)
    i would like to live in the top floor room with the red chairs!

  4. Ah, this sounds like my weekend trip to the MOMA in New York. There was so many people hovering in front of Van Gogh's Starry Night, my photo is just of people gawking at it. But I'm loving the photos of the architecture and the details you captured (ahh that star hanging lighting! bathroom tiles!).

  5. thank you - that is amazing. love. love. love.

  6. these are such lovely shots, and i too like seeing some of the people in them. you have a great eye :)


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