Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tokyo Summer Days 01

beer afternoon
beer time
pain perdu @ haru haru
pain perdu
celebrating friend's birthday @ A to Z
on the fifth floor
on the fifth floor
mexican dinner
mexican dinner
"after-hour salary-man"
afterhour salaryman

thank you so much for those who bought my zine!!!!


  1. funny you should post a summer post on such a cool (cold) day. guess it won't be long till the heats back.

    those beer shots look very tempting.

    ※ hikiさんのブログを見ると最近広告が出るけど何か設定を変えたんですか?

  2. sekimachihato,
    i know it's funny to post a summer post today but i didn't realise it was so cold until i left the door to feel the outside air! ha ha ha

    by the way, 広告???何も設定は変えていないし、私のところには広告出てないんだけど・・・、どこに出てる?????やだなー

  3. your days look pretty awesome... and those drinks should add to the fun! hahahahahah ;)

  4. Tokyo summers are so hot, but beautiful nonetheless!

    Thank you for making the zines available to us! I enjoyed it a lot!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)

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