bare trees

in the reflection
February is the coldest month in Tokyo, I don't like the cold but I like February because although it's really cold we can also feel the spring being not too far away. Plum blossoms start to bloom, camellia so pretty, and soon my favourite mimosa will have adorable lemon yellow flowers. It's been really dry but this dryness and the cold make sky look so clear that we can often see the mt Fuji even though it is 100km away from Tokyo. In the sunset hours sky is particularly beautiful. The day is surely getting longer. In the old Japanese calender, today is the first day of spring after all. It is 立春 (risshun). The real spring is not too far away.

Although I enjoy February in Tokyo, I will be taking a mini holiday and will escape the cold. I'm off to Hawaii! Yay! It will be another unbelievably quick trip but it should be a great refreshment after having worked like a crazy person for the last couple months, hehe.

I will also be having a special sale at my shop and everything will be 10% off from tomorrow (tokyo time so it will start in 4 hours!) so if you need to stock up some masking tapes or other Japanese paper goodies please pop over to UGUiSU ;)


  1. aww, this certainly looks magical, wish it could be spring in here, too. But there´s nothing besides snow :(
    enjoy your trip ;)

  2. Nice photos! I'm in Kyoto at the moment, and Osaka a couple of days ago. The chill is refreshing and likable! Maybe I'm a little enthusiastic because I've just flown in from Sydney, where it's been 35°+

  3. beautiful blue skys. 10° here in northern france grey and flat not a mountain in sight! spring is the best. the birds are starting to sing and you can just smell the tension in the air as nature prepares to explode. lucky you in hawaii enjoy...

  4. these pictures make me happy, I'm waiting for spring too :^)
    have a nice trip.

  5. I love that photo of the leaves & petals on the tarmac. Beautiful!

  6. It's rainy right now in Honolulu but hopefully it will be nice by the time you come here. I hope you have a very nice time. :-)

  7. this is the Tokyo I'm seeing and loving and wishing I had my camera on me to capture it!
    have a safe trip over to Hawaii! will you be catching up with Aron?

  8. all these colors are b e a u t i f u l !

  9. beautiful pictures, such a nice colour palette.
    have a nice holiday!

  10. Hello Hiki.
    You cant know how long I have been looking for a japanese blog like yours! And know I suddenly found my way here. Started to cry, it is so nice to look pictures from japan...

    I have lived in japan when I was young. Didnt learn the language, wich is sad thing, but allways miss the country i learnd to love and when i had home ones.

    Now i live in my homecountry, Finland. Have two kids, who i like to take some day to japan. To show the places where i used to live and go years a go.

    While waiting my trip to come, maybe in ten years, it is wonderful to look pictures like yours.

    Thank you for your blog!

    Ps. Your shop looks lovely too! If i could have money or visa... :) Some day i do!

  11. I wish I could see winter in Japan. Warm sun and beauty of blossoming flowers are things that I miss the most. March is so far..

    Enjoy your trip to Hawaii!! :)

  12. beautiful, especially the leaves and petals on the blue ground.

  13. Lichy,
    Now it's back to a real winter weather and it has been snowing here in Tokyo too! Cold cold cold.... Stay warm!!

    You were in Kyoto! I believe it was really cold there too, especially if you came from the nice hot summer! Hope you enjoyed your time there :)

    'odd and old' Linda Dacey,
    Your beautiful words made me long for spring even more!

    Thank you!

    at swim-two-birds,
    i'm so happy if these made you happy!! thank you :)

    Trudi * Fabricated Tales,
    Thank you! I'm glad you like that pohot :)

    You live in Honolulu!? Lucky you!! We got only one day with the nice sun, but that wasn't too bad, I really enjoyed my time there ;)

    world of sekimachihato,
    thank you, no we didn't get to catch up with Aron, we were too rushed and not organised :(

    t h a n k y o u ! !

    Thank you! I had a lovely holiday though was very short. Hope you are well and happy :)

    Hello there, thank you so much for your beautiful comments....I am so flattered!

    Well at the moment it is snowing and is horribly cold outside in Tokyo! March will be really nice, can't wait!!

  14. Same Length Pinkies,
    thank you, that ground came out so blue but the contrast between those pink petals is kind of cute isn't it. ;)

  15. Even it is Hawaii it has a winter season that scenery was still fabulous. I appreciated that photos that you used to share here.


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)