around fog linen
around fog linen
around fog linen

lunch time shadows
all gone

in the late afternoon
We had a beautiful warm Sunday in Tokyo yesterday, the temperature went up to 18℃ and it didn't even drop much in the evening. (but we had snow today!) Had some sweet treats for late morning tea, my favourite caneles and mille feuille from a local patisserie, so delicious.....!

I hadn't had such relaxed Sunday for a long time, I sat down and had a second really good look at this lovely book (seen in the first 3 photos) my dear friend Ebony gave me for my birthday. (She gave me the stripe linen coated tray also from fog as well which I'm absolutely in love with and now can't live without!)
The rest of the photos were taken inspired by the beautiful book, I just couldn't help it! I realised that I hadn't shot with my digital camera for so long apart from photographing items for my shop! I think I will start using it more often, I love the film so much but sometimes it's nice to be able to see the photos right away and blog before everything is too old to post and never happen like always. haha


  1. I love their catalog too! lovely products ne :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I always adore ur blog ^_^

  3. It's so nice to see photos of your everyday life and your home =) I think your digital photos look really good too. Wow, 18 degrees at this time after all the cold and snow I've heard for this year, that must mean the sakura flowers will soon be on their way maybe? Looking forward to photos of them on your blog soon^^

  4. Hello Hiki-san!
    It is always nice to see a post from you!!
    I hope you had a nice birthday.

    I know what you mean about the film and digital photos. When I do use my film camera, I usually go through 1 roll in about a week or two.
    It is nice to see the picture right away, so you can blog quickly.
    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of digital camera do you use Hiki-san?

    Today it was about 30℃ where I live.
    Spring hasn't even started yet! haha.
    I too look forward to your spring pictures :)

  5. Sun,
    yes it's really lovely!
    i never had seen this one that came out last April before my friend ebo-chan gave it to me i was so lucky!

    thank you ^^

    Well, unlike yesterday today is really cold and wet, it's about 8 degrees now! So I think sakura would have decided not to pop out for a little more while!

    Thank you, my birthday was quite a while ago actually that's how bad i've been bad blogging lately! for the camera i use Canon X2 which equals to 450D in the oversea version.
    wow it sounds really warm where you are! いいな!

  6. That looks like one fabulous lazy sunday!! I shall check out that book. Really like your tea cup too :)

  7. these photos are so lovely to look at. <3 ahhh, now i really want to go to Tokyo! (:

  8. Awesome lighting.. The book looks real good!

  9. These are so sweet Hiki, because spring is coming, such good news !

  10. as always beautiful photos!
    i love visiting your world!

  11. Looks as though you had a lovely weekend. :)

  12. You are my piece of Japan now, so thank you for posting!

  13. Every time I look at your blog I start to dream about living in Japan and how exciting it would be. I think I would go crazy taking pictures of everything.

    Your photos are always so interesting.

    Thank you.

  14. beautiful pictures as always! ... seemed like such a nice afternoon day for you!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)