waikiki in the morning
waikiki at night

What I saw in this too short holiday is not a real Hawaii I know, I will have to go back with these sweet little memories. Till then, I will enjoy getting lost in here. You are so lucky to live there Aron! ;)


  1. great shots, it looks like you had a great time

  2. I know what you mean, all the excitement about going and before you know it you're on the return flight back home. Really enjoyed your Hawaii photos =)

  3. aww Hikisan! next time you come here, i can show you around more!! and when i get to tokyo, you and ebonychan can show me around!! to all your cute little cafes you know so well :-)

  4. you even make leaving a country look beautiful!

    and thanks for thinking of me and my family re that shocking earthquake in nz.
    all my family and friends are safe.
    I just hope that there are no more casualties... so sad.

  5. such a pretty series you have going here, hiki! makes me want to get out of this cold and visit! hope your trip was nothing but lovely. :)

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  7. gorgeous colors and light captured here

  8. There are some lovely photos in this series! I especially like the ones of the beach. Thanks for sharing this trip with us. :)

  9. There are some lovely photos in this series!It really makes me want to get out of this cold and visit!


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