We went to this coffee house one morning which almost everything I saw in there looked really American to me, it was like what I'd seen in many old American movies. I didn't see any other Japanese tourists in there (miraculously), we were the two aliens. It was exciting! It was "the" family restaurant (or famiresu in Japan), very authentic famiresu indeed. We have these American style restaurants in Japan everywhere like Denny's, but when they come to Japan they become too Japanese, if you know what I mean at all.... It's not the same. Waiters are too polite and robot-like in Japanese family restaurants.

Anyway, I do not know if this would be a typical American breakfast, but to me it seemed it was. It was HUGE (like everything else is) and was far too much for me I felt bad. But I surely did enjoy being in the American breakfast scene. It was cool, really cool.


  1. My family ate at this restaurant a couple of times when we were visiting Honolulu back in 2009--really good pancakes! We have hearty appetites but also found the breakfasts to be too much for us!

  2. a huge plate of hash browns and eggs is very american indeed!

  3. indeed american :-) lovely greetings from Bulgaria

  4. the plates are so big!but the cafe looks nice!

  5. Hausfrau,
    You have been there too! I should have ordered pancakes!!

    jacqui | happyjackeats,
    I thought I just ordered omlette, but it came with huge hash browns!

    Design Elements,
    Thank you for visiting, lovely greetings from Tokyo :)

    You know this place!! yay!

    yes they were huge!! but also yes the cafe was nice :)

  6. this is sooo what I imagine an American famiresu to look like.
    my mum said that when she went to Hawaii all the portions where huge and most things came with a side of fries.
    I think an appetizer would be enough for me.

  7. Hahaha, I understand your feelings!
    When I go abroad and the waiter brings a HUGE plate of food to my table I am always a little scared.


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