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These are from 2 weekends ago when we went on a quick trip to Izu-Kogen, about 2 hours down along the coast line on the train. Izu-Kogen is a nice little town where many people have holiday houses, it has onsen (hot spring) and beautiful seafood which we enjoyed a lot.

On the way back we stopped at Atami, an old onsen town once used to be a really popular lively place but now a little deserted with less visitors especially young ones. We thought it might be fun to walk around and find a place to have lunch. It was indeed quite interesting, some sights looked like it just popped out from the 80s (or Showa period), sometimes it looked like a really lovely port town in Europe, and some streets looked like what I think Hong Kong might be like. There weren't many restaurants open for lunch, so we picked a cute little restaurant that specialises in French cuisine using beautiful local seafood. The food was great and I liked the interesting paintings they had on their walls. We pretended we were somewhere like Marseilles, hoping we can go somewhere fancier than Atami next time.



  1. oh Dear,I miss japanese take out O-bento.

  2. I like this bento its really nice, and the food looks so yummy..Your photographs are really nice ^^

  3. I have to tell you, I adore your blog - so many lovely images and words to consume!

  4. わあ〜!食べ物はおいしそうですね!いいですしたね。
    Hiki-san, I always relive my days in Japan through your photos.

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  6. it sounds like a very good trip and for me much more exotic than eating in an actual french restaurant!

  7. i haven't been to atami for years but it was pretty deserted back then too.
    Love your photos! They make me wanna go back!

  8. very cute blog!! :)

    check us out:

    - Jessel

  9. i love all these photos!!
    what a nice quick trip!

  10. hello
    I'm korean~
    your photos are great!
    I love it!!!
    what kind of your camera that u taked it??


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