vietnamese lunch
iro iro
kodomo no niwa

These are from late August (late late post) when my niece Ako was visiting during her school holidays. One day we went to the MOT (museum of contemporary art tokyo) and had a wonderful time. They were having 2 exhibitions which kids can really enjoy, one was "kodomo no niwa" (garden of children) where everyone can enjoy physical art experience, and the other one "Karigurashi no Arrietty & Yohei Taneda Fusing Fantasy With Reality" which exhibited a life-sized set based on Ghibli's film Arrietty. I'm not a big fan of Ghibli works or animations but no it was quite interesting and amusing.

Ako was staying with my mum while she was in Tokyo like always, but after this MOT fun day she decided to spend the night at our apartment. This was the very first time she had a sleeping over at our place, she had always said she couldn't sleep without her dad or grandma so that was a real big step for her and aunty was so pleased :)



  1. aw! it sounds like a fun time and your niece is adorable!

  2. It's sounds like a really great time, I like your photos too, it seems like a great museum !

  3. Aww, too cute. Who wouldn't love an auntie who takes them to interesting exhibits?

  4. what an interesting mix of food in that first photo; love the plates!

    your niece looks very comfortable; looks like you made her a nice bed too!

  5. i just read your past posts and i'm so happy to hear that you are now in the "married-group" with me!! 本当におめでとうございます!
    i wish you all the best for the next stage of your life; it's a wonderful stage too!

  6. I like the name of the exhibition, garden of children, it makes me think of people planting seeds that grow into child shaped trees.

  7. that last photo is so peaceful and beautiful!

  8. The portrait of Ako is one of the most beautiful picture you ever showed here !

  9. Ako is so sweet (she was probably dreaming of jumping into that colorful wall!) and the Vietnamese lunch look highly entertaining, am I right? :)

  10. glad to see your posts back!
    we miss you!!
    i love these photos, how fun they seem!
    looks like youre doing good!
    i used the last 3 photos to share on my tumblr
    i like how it looks like a dream sequence of her dreaming!
    i linked the photos to you of course :-)

  11. Those first sleepovers with Aunty are a big deal! That photo of her is just darling, Hiki!

    And the photo above it with the white lanterns is dreamy.

  12. lovely :) and delicious food

  13. Aaah she looks so peaceful sleeping!

  14. Erica,
    It sure was a fun time and isn't she adorable!!! I miss her!

    Thank you! Yes this is one of my favourite museums in Tokyo, it's really spacious (which is not that natural in Tokyo) and a great place to spend an afternoon at!

    That's the sweetest comment really! I wish she remembers all these days we share together when she grows up!

    they had really cute plates and cups and the food was interesting, i love museum cafes!

    oh and thank you for coming back for omedeto comment!! arigatou!!!

    chinta / sepi / sayu
    thank you!

    Yes it's a sweet name for the exhibition isn't it!!

    I'm glad you like that photo because it's one of my favourite these days!!

    You are always really sweet about my photos! Merci! I really miss Ako now!!

    Random Elephant,
    Yes that is about what she must have been dreaming there! And yep the Vietnamese lunch was indeed entertaining ;)

    I missed your blogs too! I'm slowly trying to get back to more regular blogging!! thanks for using my photos again on your lovely tumblr!

    I don't think I ever had a sleepover at my aunts, but I hope Ako remembers about this day when she's grown up! I miss her!
    I hope you are doing well Stephanie!

    cara, sliptakz, Becky,
    thank you for taking your time to leave a comment! it surely was so much fun, the food was good :)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)