afternoon light
Arigatou... What more can I say?

I am so touched to receive so so many warm wishes on my last post and I feel really lucky to have all these lovely people coming to visit my blog (even though it's been abandoned for so long) and taking their time to leave comments for me. I am totally flattered.

I'm still swamped with work and finding it hard to get back to blogging or catching up on my blogroll but I promise to come back to do more posts!

Wish you all many happy happenings!!



  1. wish you have a nice work day^^
    When I am busy,I always thinking about happy things and my work hours will pass very fast^^.

    I will always come back for your blog!

  2. 私たちがあなたを待っている (I hope it makes sense... I am using an online translator tool ahahah) Anyway, we are waiting for you! :) Have a good day!

  3. keetee,
    thank you, what a sweet comment that is!
    i wish you the same nice work day :)

    Random Elephant,
    arigato! yes it does make sense ;)
    you have a wonderful day too!!

    thank you, i did indeed have a lovely day.
    hope you are enjoying the lovely autumn!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)